Meet FADEL at Rights and Metadata Madness, July 20th in NYC


When: July 20, 2016, 12-6pm
Where: Microsoft Technology Center, 11 Times Square (41st St. @ 8th Ave.), NYC
Panel Discussion: Getting Ahead of Review and Approval 4:45-5:15pm with FADEL’s VP of Product Management, Gregg Guest

FADEL will join leaders in the digital rights management space at MESA’s Rights & Metadata Madness conference on July 20th. The conference will address how contract and rights data are overflowing DAM metadata fields, putting copyright concerns center stage.

At a recent webinar hosted by FADEL (you can replay it here), just 31% of the attendees said they were certain they knew the usage rights and legal terms of their digital assets.  with a FADEL representative at the conference to find out how FADEL ARC, our cloud-based digital asset rights clearance solution, speeds production and keeps your digital asset usage compliant.

gregg_web-100x100Panel Discussion: Getting Ahead of Review and Approval
4:45-5:15pm, featuring FADEL’s VP of Product Management, Gregg Guest.

The technology that manages the review and approval process sometimes turns into the default, or only, place where rights information is questioned and checked. Is this the right place for further rights management expansion or should that data be managed in other ways? Can these processes be improved and accelerated with managed rights data through connected systems or software currently being developed? What methodologies are companies exploring to “knit together” disparate rights and contract information sources? Can the majority of rights contract information ever be treated like automated data, or will that kind of data always have to be reviewed by a human? This session examines these questions and more.

Moderator: Mary Yurkovic, Director, Smart Content Council, MESA
Marcos Bueno, Head of Vox Studios, Vox Media
Carin Forman, Director, Digital Photo Services, HBO
Gregg Guest, Vice President, Product Management, FADEL
Jason Pattan, Senior Director, Content Production and Technology Management, Viacom

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