FADEL Presents at Extensis “Future Tech for Creative Teams” NYC Event

When: March 2, 2017

Where: West Club, New York City

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Extensis is continually discovering new ways to help creative professionals advance through their workflows quicker and more efficiently with the use of technology. During the March 2 all-day free event, attendees will learn about a host of tools that can help them manage fonts and digital assets as future trends unfold.

The afternoon session “The Power of Rights Management: ‘Clearing the Way for Your Digital Assets” will be presented by FADEL’s Roberto Salem. From 1:15-2:00, you will clearly see how the new FADEL / Extensis partnership allows you to instantly clear digital asset rights against contract terms through your Extensis Portfolio interface. This will not only protect your organization from compliance issues, but also accelerate workflows, improve speed to market and enable customers to get the most out of their investments.

Join us for the whole day or come for the session of your choice! View the agenda.

Read the press release about the FADEL / Extensis partnership.

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