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Tarek Fadel

As CEO, Tarek Fadel is responsible for the overall management and performance of FADEL, driving its long term strategic plan as well as overseeing the day-to-day management of the corporation. Prior to founding FADEL in 2003, Tarek was a Director of Consulting at Oracle Corporation with over 20 years of experience building, selling and implementing enterprise software applications. He managed a consulting practice for Oracle responsible for the success of several large client implementations, and held the position of Director of Product Management releasing several Oracle CRM products. Tarek also worked at Cambridge Technology Group and played a major role in deploying its enterprise application server products to the market. Tarek holds a technology patent for his work on Method and Apparatus for e-Commerce Integration Architecture and Process. He has a bachelor’s degree in Computer and Information Science from the City University of New York and an MBA from Columbia University.

Chipotle’s $2.2 billion lawsuit: 5 ways you can avoid the risk of asset rights litigation

This article by Tarek Fadel was featured in The Business Journals, focused on bringing local business news to business leaders. You can read the article here and below: In January 2017, a California woman filed a lawsuit against Chipotle Mexican … Continue reading

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AT&T’s Pending Acquisition of Time Warner Shows How Relevant Content Is

Media, entertainment and broadcasting content represents an enormous market, which is underscored by the $109 billion price tag that AT&T is willing to pay for Time Warner. Between 2010 and 2016, the number of smart phone users grew 331%, from … Continue reading

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Rights Management in 5 Years, Part 2

How Brand Ambassadors are Shifting the Landscape of Social Media The power and reach of the social content contributor has caused corporations to sit up and take notice. How can they attract and compensate contributors with large followings to post … Continue reading

Leave a comment Interview on Rights Management with Tarek Fadel

Henrik de Gyor interviewed FADEL founder and CEO Tarek Fadel on the May 11, 2016 podcast on the subject of Rights  Management. Read the transcribed Question and Answer session below, or listen to the 9-minute podcast at Tarek, who … Continue reading

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Rights Management in 5 Years, Part 1

The Impact of Microcontributors and Microcontent on Rights and Royalties Management Today, many organizations are heavily focused on the notion of creating and monetizing microcontent – breaking up their intellectual property into new, consumable content that can be further leveraged, … Continue reading

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