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ROI Study: How Rights & Royalty Management Increases a Licensee’s Bottom Line

Licensing, Legal, Finance and Accounting teams are painfully aware of the time and effort it takes to manage license agreements and royalties using traditional, manual processes. This study outlines the typical challenges and complexities faced by a licensee, and opportunities … Continue reading

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11 Avoidable Expenses Most Licensees Are Paying

Licensees pay substantial royalties for the rights to use licensed IP, with the intention that these properties generate revenue and turn a profit. Yet many licensees are paying avoidable expenses due to lack of visibility into their operations and error-prone … Continue reading

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The FADEL 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday shopping is in full swing, so if you’re still looking for gifts, look no further than our FADEL staff picks (featuring many of our licensed faves)! We’re all big fans of the Force here at FADEL, so it’s no … Continue reading

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AT&T’s Pending Acquisition of Time Warner Shows How Relevant Content Is

Media, entertainment and broadcasting content represents an enormous market, which is underscored by the $109 billion price tag that AT&T is willing to pay for Time Warner. Between 2010 and 2016, the number of smart phone users grew 331%, from … Continue reading

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The Fundamental Shift the Broadcast Industry Should Really Be Worried About

I’ve been attending the International Broadcast Convention (IBC) since 1999, participating as a speaker, vendor, consultant, analyst and customer. Over the course of those 17 years I’ve witnessed all the massive changes and disruptions, like the introduction of file-based workflows, … Continue reading

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Are You Prepared for the Pain of a Licensing Audit?

It’s not uncommon for licensees to be writing a five- or six-figure check when they’re audited by a major licensor. A potential cost of more than one hundred thousand dollars or pounds. That’s a huge impact on cash flow, or … Continue reading

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Top 5 Royalty Management Mistakes

Licensed content accounts for significant revenue for many companies, yet there are five no-nos when it comes to royalty management. Link to our slideshare, or view the slides below to find out the Top 5 Royalty Management Mistakes–and their solutions. 1. … Continue reading

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4 Ways Licensees Are Losing Money

When you make the investment to license intellectual property, the intention is naturally to monetize your investment to its fullest potential. However, because most licensees lack visibility into their contract terms and usage analytics, they are often hemorrhaging money that … Continue reading

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