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What’s New in Adobe Experience Manager Assets: Top 10 Hottest DAM Features

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) has integrated a number of tools to help clients increase their content velocity. This year, FADEL Asset Rights Clearance (ARC) was showcased at Adobe Summit in both the US and Europe as one of their Top 10 hottest features. Read this transcription of the presentation from Elliot Sedegah, Product Marketing for Experience Manager Assets, Adobe, and Josh Ramirez, Director of Product, Adobe.

Elliot: My message is almost like a public service announcement. Don’t gamble. You probably shouldn’t say that in a casino, but we gamble every day with our digital assets. Throughout our organizations, you’ve seen it, you’ve probably done it yourself—you’re browsing around, you find a digital asset—it’s a person with a tree, they’re hiking, outdoors—and you think ‘This is perfect. This is exactly what I want to use in my marketing campaign.’ But can you use it?

The smart marketers will think to ask legal, and they’re going to dig around, find a legal contract, look for a model associated with it, look for the rights. Some others may just gamble and use it. I was speaking with a few of you earlier today and I guess you ran into the same problem, and the way you found out was by sure luck—somebody at the last moment caught it and said ‘Wait, we didn’t pay to use this asset,’ or ‘We didn’t pay for that model—we’re allowed to use it in North America, but not in Europe,’ or ‘We’re allowed to use it on social, but not on websites.’ Managing those relationships and rules can get very hard.

We worked with a partner, FADEL, to help us bring this innovation out and have integrated it with AEM. I am going to turn it over to Josh to show you what it looks like.

Josh: I’m going to walk you through a journey. I am a brand manager for a high-end eye ware company called Geometrics. We’re about to kick off a new campaign, and for ultimate content velocity, I want to be able to go into my DAM and find assets and reuse those. And I want to be able to understand if I can use them. So, here I am in my DAM, and what I’m going to do is go into my folder for Geometrics Eye Ware, and I can go through and look at all these beautiful images.

ARC There are a couple in here that I really like for my campaign, so I’m going to go into Select mode, select some of these images, and now, right within the DAM, I can go through and say ‘Hey, do I have the legal permission to use these?’ Because, as Elliot was mentioning, each photographer and each model and each asset have different terms of use associated with them, and usually they’re over in legal somewhere. If you want content velocity, the last thing you want to have to do is go to legal and traverse to find out what you’re doing. This integration it’s going to make your content more velocitized, and I just made that word up. Adobe may have made up content velocity, but I’m going to coin velocitize.

ARC1So now I can go into my menu and choose Asset Rights Clearance. With one click, I’m able to get an idea of what I can do with these particular images. Because I know I want to run a web campaign and a magazine campaign for this, I’m going to go ahead and choose those particular formats. I’ve already said I want to do this campaign for Europe, so I’ll choose All >  Europe, and then I’m going to choose my timeframe. So for Q2 I can actually go in and choose April 1 through the end of June.

ARC2Again, since we’re all about content velocity, as soon as I hit the Get Clearance button, this is going to go back to the FADEL software and look at all the asset rights and give me a look at them right away. So now I can look and see there’s one that’s available, three that are available with exceptions, and one I can’t use at all. So right now, I am able to see there is one image I can’t use. If I used it, I’d be gambling, and I’d probably lose and I’d probably lose my job, so that wouldn’t be very good.

ARC3Now I can go through and choose the other ones and see what the exceptions are. I can see that I can use this image for magazine in the UK only, and can use it for website in the UK, France, Germany and Italy. Well, that’s okay, because the first phase is going to be in the UK only, so we’ll probably continue to use that one and as we launch the campaign we’ll go through the necessary steps to get clearance for the other countries.

So I can go through and remove the ones that are not available and, now that I know I can use these other ones without getting in trouble, I can add these to a new collection. So I’ve selected those, and now I’m going to drag and drop them into my collection for my website—and now we can use those for my marketing campaign for my high-fashion eye ware, brought to you by Geometrics. And all without having to go talk to anyone in legal, which to me is a good thing. I apologize if there are any lawyers, but I don’t want to decrease my velocity.

Are you interested in learning more about how FADEL ARC can increase your content velocity? Schedule a demo.

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