Brand Rights Management

Automate the details so you can focus on your brand.

Some of the largest media brands in the world use FADEL solutions to manage contract rights, royalties, and digital asset rights clearance. Run your brand the way the experts do. Gain visibility into your assets, take control of your talent agreements, and automate payouts based on distribution rights.

Digital asset rights clearance  Leveraging digital assets is essential to creating a compelling brand campaign. Equally important is ensuring you have the proper rights to use those assets. Finding the perfect asset for your campaign, project or product can be a tremendous task on its own, but manually verifying the associated rights is time consuming and error prone, slowing production and introducing compliance risk. FADEL ARC offers a quick and easy way to check the rights associated with digital assets and clear them for use. Accelerate the production cycle, reduce overall costs, and optimize the reuse of existing assets–all while protecting your brand against a lawsuit.

Talent agreement management Do you have visibility into the talent agreements that are maintained by your legal teams? Between contract volume and varying terms, talent contracts very quickly become difficult to track and properly manage. Our solution manages agreements, rights hierarchies, payment terms, and royalty rates to give you the view and control required, and can also integrate with 3rd-party contract management systems to ensure compliance and coordination with legal.


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