About Us

FADEL is a pioneer in the rights and royalties space, entering the market in 2003 to simplify intellectual property (IP) management for both licensees and licensors. Our portfolio of cloud-based software and expert services enable businesses to efficiently and effectively manage contract rights, royalties, and digital asset rights clearance. We have become the trusted authority for the tracking and monetization of IP usage by empowering IP Commerce end-to-end – from negotiation to payment.

As innovators worldwide churn out more and more intellectual property and the playing field of how IP is defined continues to evolve, the demand for FADEL’s IP management solutions continues to grow. In the past year alone, FADEL has doubled in size and expanded its global presence, adding offices in Los Angeles and London.

We are proud to claim some of the largest Media, Entertainment, Publishing, Broadcasting, Advertising and High Tech brands in the world as our clients, and we chalk our success up to our spirit of partnership. Our clients come to us for our software capabilities, but they find we understand the changes their businesses are going through and turn to our thought leaders to help them look into the future and better monetize their portfolios. We are passionate about what we do, and feel lucky to share the journey with them. We hope to share a similar journey with you.


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