Life @ FADEL

Community of Passion

We believe that anything can be achieved with passion. With FADEL we have curated a team of experts with an entrepreneurial spirit – each employee is an expert in their field yet has the dedication and energy of an entrepreneur. It is by constantly challenging ourselves in an inspiring environment that we make a meaningful impact.

We are proud to call FADEL a team of passionate individuals, who have come together to form a passionate team.


Community of Values

Respect, Trust, Integrity. These are just some of the values that set us apart. We don’t just publish these on our website, or repeat them on company newsletters. We live by them every day.

At FADEL, we do not make compromises when it comes to our work, technology, or relationships. With a mission to help businesses grow, there is no room or desire to cut corners and make excuses that compromise our integrity. That is why with us, what you see is what you get. We have built a culture of trust and transparency that not only has benefitted our employees, but has also laid a strong foundation for our company to continuously thrive and grow. We believe that it is our dedication to our values that has brought us where we are today, and will continue on to propel us forward.

Company of Innovators

Here at FADEL, we are proud to call ourselves pioneers in our field. We have introduced industry-changing software to help businesses around the world. It is a core belief of ours that innovation is necessary to creating transformative, cutting edge solutions for our clients. Our team is made up of innovators willing to challenge themselves to grow each and every day – are you ready to do the same?

Community of Diversity

We are proud to call ourselves a global company of diversity and inclusion, evidenced by the range in gender, race, nationality and age throughout all of our offices.

Community of Play

Do hackathons, team picnics, gaming competitions and 5k runs sound appealing to you? As focused and hard working everyone at FADEL is, we believe in building a community, not just a company. Bonding happens in the office and out, whether we’re giving back to the community on service trips, bringing our kids to work, or competing a little too aggressively in our gaming competitions.