Rights Cloud™ Partner Network
The FADEL Rights Cloud Partner Network is a robust channel program that integrates FADEL’s Rights Cloud solution with leading DAMs, MAMs and CMSs. By combining solutions, FADEL and its partners are able to deliver richer functionality that empowers business users to organize and distribute assets on a global level while checking and clearing usage rights in real-time.

Global Technology Vendors
FADEL has strong partnerships with top-tier technology providers, allowing us to provide end-to-end solutions integrated with best-of-breed software and running on a robust platform. The combined, integrated solutions add value that delivers a return on investment for businesses.

Global Systems Integrators
By teaming with industry-leading implementation partners we are able to deliver high-quality services and solutions to clients across the world. Our partners are familiar with how FADEL products seamlessly integrate with ERPs and ancillary systems to provide the tools organizations need to effectively manage their IP.