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FADEL’s Rights Management and Clearance solutions work in conjunction with the innovative technology of our partners to deliver a robust digital experience and faster production cycle to users.

 ARC Technology Integrations



FADEL ARC Connector for ADAM

ADAM FADEL ARC ConnectorADAM Software is a leading Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Product Content Management (PCM) software provider. Organizations can extend ADAM’s Digital Asset Management platform with FADEL ARC to empower business users to organize and distribute digital assets on a global level while checking and clearing usage rights in real-time.

Provider: ADAM Software
Pricing: Free
See a Demo: FADEL ARC Connector for ADAM
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FADEL ARC Connector for Adobe Experience Manager

ARC Connector for Adobe Experience ManagerAdobe Experience Manager (AEM) is a comprehensive content management solution for building websites, mobile apps, and forms. AEM makes it easy to manage your marketing content and assets. With the FADEL ARC extension, teams can work even faster to bring new sites and apps to production with real-time asset rights clearance – delivering assets across multiple channels for ideal customer experiences.

Provider: FADEL
Pricing: Free
See a Demo: FADEL ARC Connector for Adobe Experience Manager
Download: Adobe Marketing Cloud Exchange
Overview & Installation Guide: FADEL ARC Connector for AEM_Package Quick Intall Guide v1.0
Services & Support: Contact at Integration New Media (INM) for expert services and support on Adobe Experience Manager and the FADEL ARC Connector



Integrated Ad Platform with Adstream and FADEL ARC

AdStreamIntegration_v3Adstream’s integration with FADEL ARC extends its capability to manage rights for digital content on a global basis. “Partnering with FADEL makes it possible for our users to identify and clear complex content rights in a single workflow, increasing speed-to-market for ad campaigns while also saving time and reducing costs,” said Adstream CEO Gerry Sutton.

Provider: Adstream
Pricing: Call for Pricing
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FADEL ARC Connector for Box

FADEL ARC Connector for BoxBox allows users to easily store and manage digital content online, share files instantly, access documents from anywhere, and share and create digital content. FADEL ARC extends the digital asset management capabilities of Box for quick and easy location and clearance of assets.

Provider: FADEL
Pricing: Free
Download: Box Apps Marketplace
Services & Support: Contact Venture Aviator for expert services and support on Box and the FADEL ARC Connector


FADEL ARC Connector for Cognizant assetSERV

assetserve_screenBacked by Cognizant’s award-winning IT Consulting and Delivery Services, assetSERV Digital Experience Management Solutions help enterprises manage the end-to-end lifecycle of their digital assets and create a path for a more robust Digital Experience Management (DXM) platform. The assetSERV-FADEL combination offers organizations a comprehensive solution to manage their digital assets, protect & administer user rights and clear the usage of assets in real-time, in compliance with digital IP terms.

Provider: Cognizant
Pricing: Call for pricing
Services & Support: Get started on your assetSERV journey here, or email 

FADEL ARC Connector for Extensis Portfolio

For more than a decade, Extensis has led the charge in developing powerful digital asset management solutions for creative and digital workgroups ranging from global scale organizations to smaller agencies. Extensis has customers up and running on Portfolio in days, delivering immediate benefits and ROI. With a modular-based solution, companies can start with what they need, and easily scale capacity and functionality as their needs grow. Extensis has propelled DAM forward with the integration of Artificial Intelligence into Extensis Portfolio, using image recognition technology to automate keywording – the underpinning of an effective DAM system. Customers can also create branded online portals for sharing assets securely via the web and convert files on the fly, enabling companies to accelerate their workflows and ensure everyone has the files they need within seconds. Extensis solutions work in conjunction with FADEL to align DAM and Rights Management.

Provider: Extensis
Pricing: Email
Services & Support: 


FADEL ARC Connector for OpenText

FADEL ARC Integration with OpenText Media ManagementFADEL ARC enables OpenText Media Manager users to access FADEL ARC from the OTMM interface to query real-time clearance information for selected assets. The integration streamlines the approval and production cycles by enabling OTMM users to identify and approve asset rights in a single workflow.

Provider: CyanGate
Pricing: Call for pricing
Services & Support: To get started with OpenText and the FADEL ARC Connector call or email James Gabele at CyanGate – 703.477.3966 or

FADEL ARC Connector for Stylelabs

Stylelabs is a global software, and implementation company focused on Marketing Content Hub, an innovative enterprise platform for content marketing, designed to provide a 360° view of all marketing content and processes. Marketing Content Hub covers DAM, PIM, MRM, creative project management and collaboration and marketing portal scenarios. Through integration of Marketing Content Hub with FADEL ARC, asset rights can be managed, checked and enforced, ranging all the way from checks on the availability for a specific time period, region and channel, to the fine print of model release forms and contracts.

Provider: Stylelabs
Pricing: Free
Services & Support: 

tmdFADEL ARC Connector for TMD

TransMedia Dynamics (TMD) is a leading provider of asset management systems for digital and physical assets. FADEL ARC integrates with TMD’s  cloud-enabled Media Services products, Paragon+, Chameleon, and OnPoint, to enable users to seamlessly search for media, and automatically verify and clear rights information within the Meidaflex-UMS platform.

Provider: TMD
Pricing: Call for pricing
Services & Support:


FADEL ARC Connector for Videntifier

Videntifier is a leading provider of content recognition services for media and defense applications. Videntifier’s patented technology can host one way encoded fingerprints of enormous amounts of video content and images, and identify video reference material within seconds. The Videntifier / FADEL integration stops unauthorized broadcast use by clearing content rights against deal terms real time.

Provider: Videntifier
Pricing: Call for pricing
Services & Support:

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