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Driving Educational Innovation
FADEL replaces over 30 Rights & Royalty Management systems across 7 regions around the world
Tumblers with Personality
Tervis licenses characters & brands choosing FADEL to automate license compliance & royalty generation
Supporting A Global Powerhouse
The world’s largest media company adopts Rights & Royalty platform for better business controls
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Protecting a Major Brand
Empowering brand managers with talent contract management & asset rights clearance in the cloud

Tracking Use Across 150 Nations
Rights Cloud helps clear asset use for Mattel as they market toys in 150 nations around the globe
Run the Business in the Cloud
From contracts to royalty payouts, gains visibility and accuracy right from the cloud
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From Comic Books to Mega Studio
FADEL IPM Suite analyzes IP rights information and enables more efficient royalty processing
Campaign Management with Style
With FADEL’s digital asset rights management & clearance, Banana Republic clears assets in the cloud
Supporting Advertising Excellence
Gaining speed & flexibility with Rights Cloud to manage rights & availability for over 100,000 assets across sixclients
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A Digital Distributor for Publishers
FADEL’s comprehensive platform is helping O’Reilly really achieve its global distribution goals
A Sophisticated Partner Model
With FADEL IPM Suite, F5 Networks was able to automate license compliance and royalty generation
Educators – Online & On Demand
Cloud-based Rights & Royalty Management for leading licensed educational content & author payouts
Empowering Creativity
Rights Cloud “clears” the way to a sleek design by delivering instant rights information during the creative process
Delivering Thought Leadership
FADEL IPM Suite streamlines content licensing and outbound royalty payments for management content
An Expanding Business
Managing contracts, royalties & sales commissions for authors, agents and licensors, including international
Helping Families Thrive
Visibility into digital asset rights and availability helps spread
the word of ministries worldwide
Empowering Digital Distribution
Advisors on Rights Management strategies, capabilities and requirements for growth opportunities
  Managing the Brand
Iconix engaged FADEL for its Brand Assurance and Licensee/Agent Portal deployment