DAM NY 2016 – Brand Rights Management: Is Your Brand Protected and Are Your Assets Cleared for Use?

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When managing your brand or the brand of your clients it is essential to not only create a compelling narrative with the right assets but also to ensure those assets are cleared for use so that your brand is protected. The proliferation of digital media content and the increasing complexity of tracking these digital assets across multiple formats, platforms, and geographies makes this challenging. Many organizations have adopted DAMs to manage the creation and distribution of their digital assets, however the next critical challenge is to protect your digital IP (video, music, etc.), gain visibility on its usage, and further monetize its potential. In this session you’ll see how ARC (Asset Rights Clearance) extends your DAM with an effective Rights Management and Clearance strategy in order to protect your brand, mitigate risk of litigation, improve time-to-market and increase the productivity of your creative teams.