Forecast Management

FADEL’s Intellectual Property Management Suite features a powerful self-service Forecast Management module which can be deployed internally or externally for forecasting against contracts and rights stored in the IPM Suite.

Forecasting Management’s features include:

  • Multi forecast submittal throughout the fiscal year
  • Snapshots to capture yearlong forecasts with comparative reporting
  • Revenue and Expense allocation and interfacing with ERP General Ledger
  • Comprehensive search capabilities for deal forecasting
  • Specialized forecast revision fields that maintain submitted numbers
  • Forecasting tree hierarchies that support automated dispatching and consolidation
  • Extended security controls that offer different views for internal users and partners

The Forecast Management module lets IP owners manage their revenue and expense forecasts at an extremely granular level and provides tools for accrual accounting and true-up. When leveraged externally, the Forecast Management module allows partners and licensees to submit forecast data for their contracts and also provides a sophisticated agent model for third-party agent interaction.

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