Implementing a Rights-as-a-Service Strategy in a Content Business

Media and publishing companies have invested millions in launching new digital products and services. Exploiting content across new platforms and devices is critical for their growth and future success.But behind the scenes, business processes and systems have not always kept up – and in many content businesses growth and profitability risk being constrained by inefficient content management and production workflows. Download our whitepaper on Implementing a Rights-as-a-Service Strategy in a Content Business to gain valuable insights on taking a Rights-as-a-Service approach.


FADEL is a global provider of cloud-based Intellectual Property Rights and Royalty Management software.

IPM Suite

FADEL Intellectual Property Management (IPM) Suite provides end-to-end capabilities across the IP licensing lifecycle – from negotiation to payment.

Asset Rights Clearance

FADEL ARC is a Cloud-based product which automates asset rights clearance in real-time – ensuring digital and non-digital assets are properly checked and cleared against contract terms.

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FADEL Corporate Overview
2-Minute Video: IPM Suite
2-Minute Video: ARC