Manage content rights from creative through distribution.

adartMedia content comes at no small price, and its use and reuse is essential for getting a maximum return on your investment. But do you have clear visibility into what you own and how you can use it?

An advertising campaign may include licensed or produced music, photos, videos and brands, as well as talent such as models, actors and photographers–all of which have different contracts you must adhere to. From creative to delivery, FADEL ARC gives you the “rights” answer, on demand, so that you can quickly and easily manage content during creative, pre- and post-production and distribution.

FADEL ARC: A Simple Solution to a Complex Problem.

Navigate Complex Usage Rights. No matter what media type and how complex the rights, you gain digestible and actionable information for global usage terms.

Avoid Improper Usage. Misuse can cost millions in penalties–not to mention firefighting and rework.

Create Rapid-Fire Campaigns. Having to peruse complex documents or track down content rights can cause costly stalls in production.

Reuse Content. Lack of visibility into creative inventory prohibits many advertisers from getting the most out of their investments. ARC integrates seamlessly with content management platforms like Adstream, Adobe, Box and more, adding the ability to verify content rights from the system you’re already using.

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Video: See ARC in Action

Steve is under a tight deadline to create a Super Bowl campaign for a major car brand. Learn how he uses FADEL ARC to verify content rights real-time, in the cloud, speeding the production process while protecting his firm from litigation risks due to misuse.



adpdfthumbnailPDF: FADEL for Advertising

Do you think FADEL ARC could help your creative, pre- and post-production, and distribution teams innovate with confidence? Download and distribute this PDF to spread the word. Better yet, request a demo so your whole team can experience the potential of ARC.



adinfographicthumbInfographic: What’s Inside Your Ad Campaign?

It can be staggering how much licensed content is contained in a single campaign. This infographic uses a video advertisement to illustrate how many components are involved that carry usage rights terms.


Use Cases for Advertising

FADEL’s account representatives often receive feedback from our clients. Here are a couple of stories about how FADEL ARC has increased success for advertisers.

“The creative teams at a major retail brand used to spend up to 30 minutes going through metadata, spreadsheets and emails to verify their digital content was available for use. Now that they’ve deployed ARC, this process takes just a few seconds. This has also allowed the organization to eliminate their risk and gain a lot of visibility into their asset usage.”

“One of our Ad Agency clients is leveraging ARC to manage the rights to more than 100,000 assets on behalf of six different clients. They’ve been able to gain tremendous productivity when it comes to client servicing and have been using ARC’s analytics to refine their content licensing strategies.”