Rights & Royalty Management That Stands Up to Next-Generation Programming

Content creators and distributors such as TV stations, networks, cable providers and online platforms all face a similar challenge– how to track and manage content rights, avails, royalties and payments. The industry has seen a transformation from traditional, linear programming with its flat fees and simple usage terms to multidimensional rights and complex payment terms. Contracts have become more detailed in order to accommodate sub-licensing and distribution sales, the growth in merchandising revenue, and of course one of the most important components in broadcasting–advertising.

Many organizations attempt to adapt by squeezing intricate rights models into metadata fields in their media asset management and scheduling systems and piecing together data from various platforms and spreadsheets—but this solution doesn’t scale. Additionally, users have no comprehensive view of their overall rights, making it impossible to analyze their total cost of content or the value it is providing.

Optimize Your Content Strategy

FADEL’s cloud-based broadcast solution automates rights and royalties tracking and management in the new, complex landscape of digital broadcast media. The software can be used as a standalone solution or integrated with broadcast systems, ERPs, DAMs and MAMs to track:

  • Detailed contract and licensing terms for programming and advertising
  • How, what, when and where content can be used
  • Total programming costs, including licensing, royalties and marketing
  • Revenues from royalties, affiliates and subscriptions

By understanding the total cost, consumption, and payments associated with content, broadcasters can make informed decisions about the how, what, when and where of distribution to increase content value.

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