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Media and entertainment companies face a growing number of rights and royalty management issues such as licensing and royalty tracking and residuals payment processing. The proliferation and complexity of contract variables can make even a single deal difficult to track and calculate. Effective revenue recognition management is more necessary than ever in a challenging economy, but is made difficult by the explosion in the number of licenses, fees and services. Financial management overall can be excessively time consuming and labor intensive.

FADEL IPM Suite simplifies all aspects of intellectual property management including rights and royalty management and digital brand assurance. Throughout the entire deal lifecycle, it allows you to streamline processes and automate workflows to improve contract management, versioning and the approval process. IPM Suite also automates royalty tracking and processing, and helps you more efficiently and effectively manage financials.

“FADEL used a structured implementation methodology to help identify and document our business requirements. As a result, we chose FADEL and analyze our intellectual property rights information and more efficiently manage our royalty processing.”
– Executive Vice President and CFO, Marvel Entertainment, Inc.


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