Manage the growing complexities of a changing marketplace.

Publishers need to adapt to a radically changing marketplace. Expanding digital platforms, multiple usage channels, and complex royalty processing present challenges daily. Content aggregation is growing both online and in print. Author, syndication and licensing contracts are increasingly complex. Variables such as guarantees, territories, royalty rates and hierarchies can make even a single agreement difficult to track and calculate.

FADEL IPM Suite for Publishing is used by some of the largest publishers in the world to more effectively handle these complexities and improve financial management overall. Robust Participation Management features allow you to more easily manage author and agent contracts and deal with even the most complex royalty rate setups. IPM Suite also increases efficiency by automating a number of processes and workflows, including Royalty In and Royalty Out management, Participation Statement generation, talent payout, and much more.

“FADEL’s IPM software was a driving factor in our ERP platform selection. No one else offered a royalty system that could handle our expanding business and integrate seamlessly with Oracle.”
– CFO, Chronicle Books

O’Reilly Media Leverages IPM Suite in Its Mission to Spread the Knowledge of Innovators


For Mid-Market Publishers

Between contract volume and varying terms, author agreements very quickly become difficult to track and properly manage. Additionally, publishers are investing more time and resources than desired to generate, print and distribute payee statements to authors.

Many publishers are choosing to migrate from legacy royalty management systems to a more robust solution that addresses modern demands such as new rate structures and channels of distribution.

FADEL’s cloud-based solution makes implementation easy. FADEL IPM Suite for Publishing:

  • Manages agreements, rights hierarchies, payment terms, and royalty rates to give you the visibility and control required.
  • Supports changes in rate structures and distribution models.
  • Tracks and processes author payouts based on distribution rights and rate structures.
  • Integrates with ERP financial systems such as Oracle and SAP to automate straight-through invoicing, payment processing and financial reporting.
  • Provides self-service and reporting capabilities to authors via an Author Portal.


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