Financial Payment and Collections Management

Royalty Management

Royalty Management and related financial activities are some of the biggest challenges for licensors of intellectual property. Many are relying on outdated systems which can’t handle today’s complex, and rapidly changing, royalty models. Others have information spread across spreadsheets, departments and databases and find processing royalties a major strain on their business.

On the inbound royalty side, The Licensing Industry Merchandisers’ Association (LIMA) estimates that more than one billion dollars are lost every year due to poor licensing royalty management. For outbound royalties, many companies are spending millions annually to generate, print and distribute payee statements to authors, content owners and other participants. The price tag is too high and many businesses have already taken the action to stay competitive.

IPM Suite’s powerful Royalty Management module allows businesses to track and process royalties by product and tie them to property or other contractual rights data. The ability to assign rates by rights attributes (e.g., territory, distribution channel, etc.) allows for incredibly complex rate structures and provides reporting on royalty data at a highly granular level.
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In addition, Royalty Management is responsible for calculating outbound royalty payments due to talent, third party content owners and other participants who may receive royalties based on sales or other contractual payments. Coupled with the Rights Management, the Royalty Management module takes into account contractual obligations, financial considerations and sales data to calculate and process payments. Coupled with the IPM Suite’s Self-Service Management functionality, it can deliver statements to payees via a web based portal and facilitate ACH payments and wire transfers.

The Royalty Management also provides real time integration with ERP financial systems for processing payments and receivables (accounting for guarantees, advance payments, overages and other financial considerations).

Forecast Management

FADEL IPM Suite features a powerful self-service Forecast Management module which can be deployed internally or externally for forecasting against royalty bearing contracts and rights stored in the IPM Suite.
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Forecasting Management’s features include:

  • Multi-forecast submittal throughout the fiscal year
  • Snapshots to capture yearlong forecasts with comparative reporting
  • Revenue and Expense allocation and interfacing with ERP General Ledger
  • Comprehensive search capabilities for deal forecasting
  • Specialized forecast revision fields that maintain submitted numbers
  • Forecasting tree hierarchies that support automated dispatching and consolidation
  • Extended security controls that offer different views for internal users and partners

The Forecast Management module lets IP owners manage their forecasts at an extremely granular level and provides tools for accrual accounting and true-up. When leveraged externally, the Forecast Management module allows partners and licensees to submit forecast data for their contracts and also provides a sophisticated agent model for third-party agent interaction.

Statements On-Line Portal

FADEL IPM Suite provides powerful tools that help automate and improve the participation and royalty statement process. In addition to IPM Suite’s core Rights and Royalty Management features, FADEL offers a Statements On-Line Portal, designed specifically to automate statement distribution and allow payees such as content creators or owners, agents and other partners to access their royalty account details online and on-demand.

Many companies are still spending a great deal of time and money on printing hundreds or thousands of royalty statements every month or quarter, physically attaching royalty checks and mailing them out at significant expense. FADEL’s Statements On-line provides the capability to go fully digital by publishing payee statements online and facilitating ACH or Wire transfer payments. Payees can view statement details, access payment history and provide contact and banking information. In addition, this solution provides communication tools for messaging and document sharing.