IP Registry and Digital Media Distribution

Important in today’s market, as digital media content proliferates inside and outside the organization, companies not only need to manage the creation and distribution of the assets but also protect their usage. FADEL empowers organizations to ensure that digital asset rights are adhered to and financial obligations are tracked and met.

IP Registry

With increasingly large catalogs of intellectual property to manage and multitudes of evolving digital distribution and licensing models to contend with, most IP owners are struggling to understand how their IP is being distributed, monetized and accessed across multiple lines of business. FADEL’s IP Registry provides a single repository where IP owners can store and register their IP assets and associated meta-data, maintaining consistency and reporting relationships across IP categories thus allowing for a holistic view of related properties across the organization. By registering intellectual property assets in the IP Registry with associated identifiers and metadata, customers can track IP at multiple levels and link it back to enterprise content or asset management systems, ERP applications, distribution systems and other external software such as rights and royalty management, contract management and product lifecycle management systems.

The Smarter Commerce Media Bundle

Combining FADEL IPM Suite with IBM Emptoris, Aspera and Cognos – is an end-to-end solution for managing the digital media distribution lifecycle – ensuring contract compliance, tracking asset rights and financial obligations, enforcing asset rights clearance, managing digital delivery and delivering predictive analytics.