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Tervis Can “Sip Back and Relax” On Its Next Licensor Audit

Tervis is gaining efficiencies and a sharper competitive edge with FADEL. This interview with the Director of Accounting Joe Thompson outlines the challenges Tervis faced managing royalties the old-fashioned way, and how FADEL software is a game-changer for his team and the company.


Leakythumbnail1Are You a Victim of Leaky IP?

Intellectual property licensing generates $144 BILLION in retail sales annually in the U.S. and Canada alone. With so much money flowing between licensees and licensors and all of the contractual and payment complexities involved, a value leak from an IP system can be invisible–and costly.



wearableWhat’s Inside your Wearable Device?

This New Year, more people than ever are fiddling with fitness gadgets they received over the holidays. It is estimated that more than 45 million wearable devices shipped in 2015. While you are tracking your health, FADEL is tracking the rights and royalties being paid out and collected for all the technology that’s inside.



infographic_dpWhat’s Inside your Digital Product?

In today’s content-centric world, innovation appears boundless. There is a proliferation of digital assets, new creative ways of composing products, and channels of distribution from smart devices to devices that we have yet to imagine.


ROI Study: How Rights & Royalty Management Increases a Licensee’s Bottom Line

Licensees who are using manual processes and cobbled-together technology to manage rights and royalties are finding they are losing out on growth opportunities to accommodate various channels, assorted packaging options and multiple licensors. Accounting mistakes prevail, causing many to overpay royalties, while lack of visibility results in the forfeiture of revenue opportunities. This ROI study demonstrates the value of a scalable rights and royalty management system, and cites real-life instances where FADEL’s solutions have cut licensee costs by 50% or more.



The Role of Social Media in Content Monetization

We are just scratching the surface of tapping into amateur markets for content, and it’s a win-win proposition. Corporations benefit from having more content and creativity; low- or no-cost acquisition; lower royalties compared to many of the talent contracts they have in place; and a faster time to market. Content contributors benefit from exposure and the opportunity to monetize their work product. Yet with the advantages come complications, in terms of both payment and control.


whitepaperthumbnailImplementing a Rights-as-a-Service Strategy in a Content Business

Many media and publishing companies still use legacy business processes and systems that are unable to effectively exploit content across the digital products and services they have spent millions launching. These inefficient workflows are putting both growth and profitability risk.




Asset Rights Clearance: Critical Next Steps in the DAM Lifecycle

Featured in the Journal of Digital Media Management, authors Gregg Guest and Tarek Fadel detail three key drivers for asset rights management and clearance and consider how to extend a digital asset management system with an effective solution and strategy to protect, manage and monetize intellectual property.




Top 10 Pitfalls when Managing Digital Asset Rights.

Top 10 Pitfalls when Managing Digital Asset Rights

Register to download our free guide to the Top 10 Pitfalls when Managing Digital Asset Rights. The guide will provide valuable insights for your DAM strategy as assets proliferate, usage becomes more complex and business requirements evolve within your organization.


The Licensing Journal: Royalty Rates, by Robert Ambrose  

Wolters Kluwer Publishers’ The Licensing Journal featured an article by FADEL’s Strategy and Business Development Director, Robert Ambrose, in their October 2016 issue. The article dives into the brutal pain experienced by licensees during a licensing audit, and how companies can use rights and royalty management software to “play licensors at their own game” by automating the entire process for a painless audit.




The Global State of Rights Management 2016: Interviews with Industry Professionals  

Industry insights from FADEL CEO Tarek Fadel have been incorporated into the newly released ebook The Global State of Rights Management 2016, available now on Amazon. The book explores what is changing with Rights Management in 2016 as well as what needs to change. It includes interviews with experts from all over the world on subjects including copyright registration, managing the licenses of Intellectual Property, measuring, monetizing, and monitoring IP, and much more.





CIOReview3FADEL: Helping Businesses Harness the Power of IP

CIOReview named FADEL one of 2016’s Top 20 Most Promising Media & Entertainment Solutions Providers.  Fastest Growing Companies by The Silicon Review. FADEL was recognized for building solutions are setting a new benchmark in the media and entertainment arena and filling a pressing industry need. Read this special M&E edition. (Top 30 list, page 14-15; FADEL article, page 30; FADEL ad, page 45) View the PDF.



FADEL: Empowering Innovators with Forward-Thinking Intellectual Property Commerce Solutions

FADEL was named one of 2016’s Top 30 Fastest Growing Companies by The Silicon Review. The publication’s March 2016 issue features some of the most dynamic companies that have made significant contributions in the field of Business and Technology.





TMT Deal of the Year AwardTMT Deal of the Year – FADEL Secures Series A Financing

FADEL is awarded the 2014 Deal of the Year Award for Technology, Media, and Telecommunication in the Americas. In this edition of Acquisition International, a distinguished panel of industry analysts and the editorial board of Al Global Media Ltd., announced the winners at the forefront of their respective industries.



CIOReview Interview with Tarek FadelCIOReview Interview with Tarek E. Fadel

FADEL is named one of CIOReview’s 100 Most Promising Oracle Solutions Providers 2014. In this edition of CIOReview, a distinguished panel of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, industry analysts and the editorial board of CIOReview selected the final 100 companies that are at the forefront of tackling today’s challenge in the Oracle ecosystem.