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FADEL, innovator of rights and royalty management software, has worked with some of the biggest names in media, entertainment, publishing, high-tech and advertising. By automating talent and content rights management across videos, photos, ads, music, products and brands, and streamlining the processing of licensing royalties, FADEL’s cloud-based solutions have empowered businesses to significantly maximize revenues and increase process efficiencies.


pdficon_large FADEL Corporate Overview
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 Product Overviews

pdficon_large FADEL IPM Suite Product Overview
pdficon_large Rights Cloud by FADEL

 Industry Solutions

pdficon_large Intellectual Property Management for Media & Entertainment
pdficon_large FADEL IP Management for Publishing
pdficon_large FADEL Rights Management for Advertising
 Intellectual Property Management for High Tech

Business Solutions

pdficon_large FADEL Rights & Royalty Management for Licensors
pdficon_large FADEL Rights & Royalty Management for Licensees

Technology Integrations

pdficon_large FADEL Integration with Oracle
pdficon_large FADEL and IBM Smarter Commerce Media Bundle