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Rights Cloud 2.0 by FADEL

FADEL Rights Cloud Connector for Extensis Portfolio

Adstream and FADEL Rights Cloud: Integrated Ad Platform

FADEL Rights Cloud Integrator for Box

FADEL Rights Cloud for OpenText Media Management 

FADEL Rights Cloud Connector for Adobe Experience Manager

FADEL Rights Cloud Connector for Aprimo DAM / ADAM

On-Demand Webcasts

Webinar: Don’t Leave Money on the Table–Get the Most Out of Your Licensed Property
Global retail sales of licensed merchandise hit $251.B for 2015 and the corresponding royalty revenue grew to $13.9B. With so much money flowing between licensors and licensees, how does each side mitigate errors in the license management and royalty accounting of the licensed IP in order to maximize the revenue potential? This webinar will tell you.  Replay the webcast >>


Webinar: Reducing the Risk of Unauthorized Use of Brand Assets
Are you prepared to gamble with your brand’s reputation? Avoid the risk of litigation by eliminating mystery during the creative process. This ready-to-watch webinar demonstrates how FADEL ARC enables you to link digital assets with rights, allowing you to unlock the value of your digital content and reuse it.  Replay the webcast >>



Light bulbManaging and Clearing Rights for Brand Assets to Simplify Digital Marketing
Learn how the launch of FADEL’s new Asset Rights Clearance Solution, FADEL ARC, can help you manage your brand. We’ll demo the solution (available standalone or integrated with market-leading content and digital asset management (DAM) systems), show you how easy it is to get started, and highlight three key components to effective brand rights management – talent contract rights, royalty payouts, and digital asset rights clearance. Replay the webcast >>


brandmgmtBrand Management & Digital Asset Rights Clearance – A Broadcast Event
The proliferation of digital assets and the complexity of their usage rights is making the job of brand managers increasingly complex. What if you could discover and clear assets for use real-time while speeding up the production cycle, reducing overhead costs, and mitigating compliance risk? Replay this live broadcast to learn more about how FADEL’s new Asset Rights Clearance Solution, FADEL ARC, can help you manage your brand.


Picture2Unlock Revenue Streams with Digital Asset Rights & Clearance Management
This webcast looks at how to extend your DAM with an effective Rights Management and Clearance strategy in order to protect, manage and monetize your intellectual property. We will discuss key considerations when introducing these processes and systems and detail best practices to support enterprise-level requirements, how to integrate systems and how to bring in the clearance process.



Avoid a Major Lawsuit with DAM & Asset Rights Clearance
If you work with agencies, partners, distributors and/or resellers, do they check if desired digital and non-digital assets are approved for their use? In order to truly control content use, the ability to tie assets to flexible rights management based on expiration date, region, language, embargo dates and other factors will help you better manage your brand equity and intellectual property.


Brand Management: Is Your Brand Protected and Are Your Assets Cleared for Usage?
This webinar will details the key steps you can take to extend your DAM with an effective Rights Management and Clearance strategy in order to protect your brand, mitigate risk of litigation, improve time-to-market and increase the productivity of your creative teams.


DMN One on One Podcast with Tarek Fadel: Advertisers & Content Ownership
Tarek Fadel sat down recently with DMN to discuss rights management and the challenges marketers face in navigating complex rights issues for their content. Listen to the interview here.

rightssquareInterview on Rights Management with Tarek Fadel
Henrik de Gyor interviewed FADEL founder and CEO Tarek Fadel on the May 11, 2016 podcast on the subject of Rights  Management. Read the transcribed Question and Answer session on our blog, or listen to the 9-minute podcast at