Rights and Royalty Management

For Licensees

When you are paying for rights and royalties, accuracy is vital. FADEL’s product suite helps licensees gain visibility into their agreements. Use sales data to inform future investments, run audits to hone processes, automate reporting, manage a multitude of agreements with varying terms, and account for royalties at the correct juncture in the supply chain.

With FADEL’s IP management solutions, you can:

  • Easily view license status, including renewals and amendments to existing licenses
  • Analyze data to identify trends that may have an impact on future negotiations
  • Run audits with the confidence that your data is sound
  • Automate royalty accounting and adapt it to the client’s required format
  • Assign the proper point in the supply chain cycle to account for royalties, e.g. time of sale

For Mid-Market Publishers

While license terms for publishers may be more straightforward, the complexity of rights and royalty management comes from the sheer volume of agreements in place. Many publishers are choosing to migrate from legacy royalty management systems to a more robust solutions that integrates seamlessly with their ERP systems, yet change can cause waves for your core business.

FADEL’s cloud-based solutions make implementation easy.

  • Capture applicable fields from existing contracts
  • Address new rate structures
  • Expand functionality to better account for varying distribution channels