What you do is one thing. How you do it is, in many ways, is just as important. Your methods, your safeguards, your abilities and experience will all have a direct impact on how successful you are at what you do. At FADEL, we follow a simple formula for project success. We combine highly skilled personnel with proven methodologies and an active commitment to clear, ongoing communication.

Our People

Nothing boosts efficiency and keeps costs in line like people who know what they’re doing. All FADEL technical and functional consultants have consulting experience at noted organizations from around the world. They boast an average of five or more live project experiences and over ten years of functional experience across various industries and domains. They possess very strong academic backgrounds, which helps explain why they learn the latest product releases and enhanced product functionality so quickly. You pay for results, and we put people on site who can deliver them.

Established, Proven Implementation Methodologies

We use only established and proven implementation methodologies such as Agile, Scrum and Kanban, designed to deliver against important success factors and any specific requirements you might have.

Our delivery model blends those proven methodologies and aligns them to your organizational delivery model to create a single efficient delivery team for your project.

Our approach keeps the focus on you, the customer, and builds an IT strategy around your enterprise model. This breaks down departmental stovepipes and transforms a process-oriented approach into an enterprise flow-based approach.

Project Management

We keep you fully informed through clearly outlined project objectives, concisely defined deliverables at specified points in the project, and detailed reviews of work products within the project teams. Our project managers are highly experienced in managing technology implementations. They track project progress closely and resolve issues quickly and collaboratively. They are risk-averse and do everything in their power to decrease risk in all aspects of your project while increasing successful results.

In our view, effective communication is the key to project success. You’ll get direct answers to your questions and any information you need. We’ll always give you our honest opinion and expect no less from you.

Project Portals

Your project portal is the central information hub for your project. It contains all project documentation and provides you with the current status of work and of issues. We believe transparency and communication help projects move more efficiently, and the project portal enables both.

By bundling our services with available software tools, we build project portals that are accessible by our consultants and clients. This allows our teams to create project plans and documentation and make them accessible 24/7. Our teams also use defect management and issue management products to manage and track open implementation issues, defects and enhancements.

The end result – efficient work, well managed, on time and in budget.