FADEL’s cloud-based solutions provide the end-to-end capabilities needed to manage content and licensed property.

Rights Cloud The proliferation of digital assets and the complexity of their usage rights is making the job of brand managers and advertisers increasingly complex. What if you could discover and clear assets for use real-time while speeding up the production cycle, reducing overhead costs, and mitigating compliance risk? FADEL Rights Cloud does that and more.

Royalty Management for Licensees When you are licensing in a variety of content and managing royalty payouts, accuracy is vital. FADEL’s product suite helps licensees and mid-market publishers gain control and visibility across the lifecycle of their licensed content from contract management to payments. Combine with sales data for trend analysis, audit support and powerful royalty accounting.

IPM Suite for the Enterprise FADEL IPM Suite stores all of your intellectual property rights information, financial terms, and obligations in one repository–either on premise or in the cloud–and integrates tightly with your ERP systems to manage the entire IP lifecycle, from negotiation to payment.

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