Rights & Royalty Management for Licensees

  • Contract Rights Management

    Take control of and gain visibility into your agreements, rights hierarchies, payment terms, and royalty rates.

  • Royalty Payout Management

    Automate the calculation of outbound royalty payments based on sales or other contractual obligations.

  • Reporting & Analytics

    Analyze data to identify trends that may drive strategic direction and have an impact on contract negotiations.

See How it Works

Supporting IP Commerce Across the Licensing Lifecycle

FADEL’s cloud-based solution for Rights & Royalty Management empowers you to take control of your agreements and automate payouts based on distribution rights.

Now licensees across industries can gain visibility across the lifecycle of their licensed content, from contract management to payment.

With FADEL’s pre-configured industry templates and guided implementations, our goal is to get you up and running in 90 days or less.


  • View License Status

    including renewals and amendments to existing licenses.

  • Manage Agreements

    including rights hierarchies, payment terms and royalty rates.

  • Manage Rights

    for the global distribution of IP across channels, locations, and licensors.

  • Validate Royalties

    against the contract to ensure against overpayment.

  • Royalty Accounting

    based on sales or other contractual obligations.

  • Generate Reports

    that adhere to licensor formatting requirements.

  • Analyze Data

    to inform strategic direction and contract negotiations.

  • Integrate with ERP

    to automate invoicing, payment processing, and reporting.

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