Author Portal Key Capabilities

Many publishers are still spending a great deal of time and money on printing hundreds or thousands of statements every month or quarter, physically attaching royalty checks and mailing them out to authors at significant expense. FADEL’s robust and easy-to-use Author Portal provides the capability to go digital by publishing author statements online. Authors or their agents can view statement details, access royalty and payment history, and submit requests to update contact and banking information. In addition, the portal provides communication tools for messaging and document sharing.

FADEL’s Author Portal is a user friendly, secure and flexible solution that can be embedded into a publisher’s website. Publishers are able to:

  • Go from paper statement process to a fully digital, on-demand environment for statement delivery
  • Deliver excellence in the author experience with online statements, reports and payment history
  • Leverage the tool as an author communication platform for sending updates and announcements and sharing documents
  • Receive requests to update contact, account and banking information in order to streamline the payment process