Best Practices and Solutions for Digital Content Tracking and Compliance, Hosted by FADEL

Best Practices and Solutions for Digital Content Tracking and Compliance, Hosted by FADEL

Live Webinar on September 19 at 12 pm EDT


New York, NY – September 12, 2019 – FADEL®, a leading content rights management expert and marketing technology provider, announced that it will host a webinar about digital content tracking and compliance on September 19th at 12:00 pm EDT. This complimentary webinar, “Your Assets Have Left the Building! Where Did They Go?,” will be hosted by Gregg Guest, Vice President of Product Management at FADEL, and moderated by Victor Lebon, EMEA & APAC CEO of ICP, marketing technology and production experts. To register for the webinar, click here.

With omnichannel distribution, e-commerce partner strategies and the continued growth of social media, digital assets are intentionally delivered and published across many different sites – owned and managed by different entities – making them challenging to track. While many companies have a good grasp on internal governance, it remains difficult for them to find all published assets across the internet and social media and identify whether their digital content is still valid or expired.

In this webinar, the audience will hear from ICP who leverages 30 years of experience in advertising production to bring industry insight to this important topic. Attendees will learn from FADEL and ICP about best practices for managing asset rights, agreements and expirations as they enter their organization and how to enforce them even after the content has left the building. A step by step approach will be presented with recommendations for how to quickly get started with digital content tracking.

“At FADEL, we worked closely with marketers at some of the top fortune 500 brands and realized the growing need for managing and tracking content in today’s digital age,” Gregg Guest said. “In this webinar, I will show you firsthand how Content Eye by FADEL empowers companies to find and track assets in use across the web and social media in order to ensure they are presenting a cohesive brand experience and maintaining content compliance.”

To register for the webinar, click here.

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