Devi Gupta

Senior Vice President of Marketing and Alliances

Devi is responsible for developing and executing a marketing and communications strategy to support FADEL’s business growth and enhance its brand awareness. She manages all marketing functions including market positioning, branding, communications, demand generation and strategic alliances. Devi brings over 20 years in the technology industry having run the marketing departments at software firms Prolifics, Capital Banking Solutions and Cedrus, as well as playing a strategic role on their executive teams to help drive company direction. While at Prolifics, a systems integrator specializing in IBM technology solutions, Devi played a major role in growing that relationship to become one of the largest and award-winning IBM business partners. At Capital Banking Solutions, Devi was responsible for global marketing, particularly in emerging markets across Africa, the Middle East and Latin America. Devi also held Product Management, Product Marketing and Sales Engineering roles and was a programmer and relational database specialist at the Philadelphia Electric Company. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Cornell University.

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