FADEL Named Top 20 Most Promising Media and Entertainment Solution Provider

FADEL Named Top 20 Most Promising Media and Entertainment Solution Provider



New York, NY – July 12, 2016 – FADEL, a leading provider of cloud-based intellectual property (IP) rights and royalty management software, was named one of 2016’s Top 20 Most Promising Media and Entertainment (M&E) Solution Providers by CIOReview. FADEL’s innovative portfolio of software, which was designed to protect, manage and monetize content across the licensing lifecycle, satisfies important new requirements for media companies, broadcasters, publishers and others in the M&E space driven by the new economic models that are arising in today’s marketplace.

The industry has been experiencing an ongoing transformation causing significant disruption. Content volume is growing, from the proliferation of digital content to the new role of the social content contributor, driving a need for operational adjustments. New channels are emerging from wearable to virtual, and phenomena like digital, non-linear and over-the-top content are changing content distribution models. New manifestations of IP continue to be invented. IP is now being sliced, diced and combined in a multitude of different ways to create additional revenue streams, resulting in microcontent and products that contain compound IP. These are just some of the developments that have made licensing, royalty tracking, payment processing and overall financial management a challenge for M&E organizations of all sizes. Manual, spreadsheet-based or paper-based management is no longer a satisfactory option.

“CIOReview identified FADEL as one of our Top 20 most promising solution providers in the Media and Entertainment space based on their niche offering and unprecedented growth,” said Jeevan George, Managing Editor of CIOReview. “The companies selected for our 2016 list are changing their respective industries. FADEL’s revolutionary solutions are setting a new benchmark in the media and entertainment arena and filling a pressing industry need, which puts them on a trajectory for success.”

CEO Tarek Fadel (@FadelTarek) first observed the increasing volume and complexity of licensing, rights and royalties in the early 2000s, founding FADEL in 2003 to build and deploy automated solutions. Since 2006, FADEL has posted continuous growth, establishing trusted partnerships with global companies that manage billions of dollars in royalty deals and payments. FADEL’s rights and royalty management platform is run by seven of the top 10 media licensed brands, including Marvel Entertainment, and some of the world’s largest publishers, including Pearson Education, tracking IP royalties that equate to billions of dollars.

“We are pleased to be recognized by CIOReview for our advances in the M&E space, and we believe our track record supports their ranking,” said Tarek. “In the past three years in particular, we have experienced explosive growth in our pipeline due to the magnitude of IP our customers are dealing with and the increasing complexities of managing it. Our success comes from a deep understanding of the distribution landscape and how it is changing for M&E.”

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FADEL is a provider of cloud-based Intellectual Property Rights and Royalty Management software for Media, Entertainment, Publishing, Broadcasting and High Tech. Built on a robust and adaptable architecture, FADEL IP Management software has been recognized for its end-to-end capabilities across the IP licensing lifecycle – from negotiation to payment. The trusted authority for the tracking and monetization of intellectual property usage, FADEL enables businesses to verify, capture and manage rights and royalties for their IP assets through its portfolio of software and expert services. Founded in 2003, FADEL is headquartered in Rye, New York, and also operates offices in New York City, Los Angeles, London, and Lebanon. For more information, visit www.fadel.com.