FADEL’s Rob Ambrose Joins Expert Panel at MESA HITS Europe

FADEL’s Rob Ambrose Joins Expert Panel at MESA HITS Europe


Date: June 22, 2016 Location: The Bloomsbury Hotel, 16-22 Great Russell St, London WC1B 3NN

The Media & Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA) will host the third annual Hollywood IT Society (HITS) Europe event in London on June 22, 2016. The agenda focuses on asset management and workflows, and FADEL’s Strategy and Business Development Director, Rob Ambrose (@rambrose) will be a featured panelist.

Rob will contribute views on how adding analytics to rights deals can help optimize the way content is licensed in or out. He will demonstrate how FADEL’s combined solution with IBM’s Watson Cognitive Analytics can take data from rights and licensing deals and compare it against audience and consumption data to help broadcasters understand which content is performing best, which is most profitable, and which suppliers, formats and genres are most successful.

The FADEL + IBM Watson solution can help broadcasters acquire better packages of content as well as help distributors optimise their windowing strategy. Rob will address new questions arising from digital distribution, for example, does TV remain the first/main window, or will content perform better if it’s first released to VOD platforms like Netflix and Amazon?

MESA members can register for HITS Europe at http://www.mesaeurope.org/events/hits-europe-2016/