When you make the investment to license intellectual property, the intention is naturally to monetize your investment to its fullest potential. But with limited visibility into contract terms and usage analytics, revenue opportunities are often lost. FADEL’s Rights & Royalty Management solution gives you the information you need to get the maximum return on your licensed assets with contract management, automated royalty payments, and performance analytics. What’s more, with visibility across the content lifecycle and on-demand reporting in licensor-specific format, you can reduce audit efforts from months to days.

Take Control of Your Licensed Property

Know Where Your Licenses Stand

  • Meet financial obligations such as minimum guarantees.
  • Keep track of agreement terms with hawk-like visibility into your commitments, payment terms and royalty rates.
  • Track actuals against the contract and be armed with accurate information for renewals and amendments.

Automate Calculations, Payments and Reporting in the Cloud

  • Automate royalty calculations and generate statements.
  • Accrue royalties at the proper point in the supply chain.
  • Be the first to know about licensing violations for rapid remediation.
  • Generate reports in licensor-specific formats with a single click.

Get the Highest Return from Your Licensed Property

  • Negotiate smarter deals with performance analytics.
  • Maximize revenue by identifying best-selling products, high-performing channels, and areas where your investments are missing the mark.