When you make the investment to license intellectual property, the intention is naturally to monetize your investment to its fullest potential. However, with limited visibility into contract terms and usage analytics, revenue opportunities are often lost. FADEL’s solutions for Licensees give you the information you need to get the maximum return on your licensed assets with contract management, automated royalty payments, and performance analytics. What’s more, with visibility across the content lifecycle and on-demand reporting in licensor-specific format, you can reduce audit efforts from months to days.

LicenSee by FADEL

LicenSee by FADEL will increase profits and drive your costs down by 50% or more!

  • Royalty Processing Automation – Up and running in 5 days, designed to capture even the most complex contract payment terms, import sales, accurately calculate royalties, and generate licensor-specific statements
  • Audit Management – Find violations before they happen to eliminate penalty fees and reduce time, effort, and costs on audits with reporting that makes audits a breeze
  • Track Business Performance – With full visibility into financials, contract performance and obligations, licensees are armed with data to make informed business decisions

With simple-to-deploy automation, licensees streamline royalty operations, gain a better handle on financials, and tackle audits with ease. By harmonizing licensor and licensee royalty operations on a single platform, the automated calculations, royalty statements, and reporting with improved timeliness, accuracy, and transparency, maximizing profit and fostering stronger partnerships.

IPM Suite Licensing Edition

IPM Suite Licensing Edition features all the capabilities of our midmarket solution (LicenSee by FADEL) plus:

  • Integration with ERP Financial Systems, BI tools, and more
  • Workflow
  • Accounting Management
  • Licensee Portal
  • Royalty Management for Licensing Out Business Flows
  • Support for Multiple Business Units
  • Forecast Management
  • Enterprise Reporting

Empowering large enterprise licensees with unparalleled efficiency, our advanced solution goes beyond traditional royalty management. With automated royalty management, effortlessly capture even the most intricate contract payment terms, import sales data, and accurately calculate royalties to generate licensor-specific statements. The enterprise version takes this functionality to new heights with seamless Integration with ERP Financial Systems, BI tools, and more. The Workflow and Accounting Management features, coupled with the Licensee Portal, create a robust system tailored to your enterprise needs. Experience a transformative solution that not only maximizes profits but also strengthens partnerships with licensors, making your enterprise operations more agile, transparent, and future-ready.