Rights Cloud Key Capabilities

Rights Cloud, a Digital Rights Management (DRM) and Content Tracking solution, offers several key features to power your brand. With a single system you can track, manage and connect all of your talent agreements, licensed content and content usage terms, enabling you to gain rights information at your fingertips!

  • Easy to Use Interface – With our commitment to a great user experience, FADEL’s usability experts have designed an interface to make the system easy for marketers, digital asset librarians and business affairs to navigate and use. 
  • Agreement Management – Advertisers can easily capture, manage and output agreements and rights for models, photographers and other rights holders – creating better synergy with business affairs and ensuring rights are no longer subject to interpretation.
  • Talent Profiles – Gain a unified view and deeper visibility into how a talent is being used through instant access to talent information including characteristics, social profiles, contacts and work they contribute to. The system tracks relationship information between talent and their associations such as with agents and managers. 
  • Rights Clearance – Increase content velocity with real-time, at-a-glance confirmation of when, where and how all content can be used. A simple view into content availability and terms of use can be accessed from Rights Cloud or directly from your DAM!
  • Intelligent Rights Inheritance – Rights Cloud powers its users with automated associations between parties, agreements and assets, as well as intelligent rights inheritance. Cool right? Define contract terms once and allow those rights to be inherited across all related assets. Negotiate better terms? No worries, change them in the contract and the rights are available to the users real-time. The reverse works too. Define content contributors up front and gain automatic rights information when their agreements get booked.
  • Agreement Lifecycle across Rights – Not only does your content inherits rights information when talent agreements get booked, but the content usage is protected when the agreement is cancelled. The agreement status will drive rights inheritance across assets so that content does not get cleared when agreements are cancelled or still in draft.
  • Multi-Party Capabilities – Let’s face it. There are a lot of terms to navigate when putting together final content that combines multiple talent or media types in one piece. In reality, there could be tens or hundreds of contracts all with differing terms. With Rights Cloud, you gain intelligent rights checking of assets with multiple contributing parties as well as groups of assets with differing rights, ensuring contracts are not violated.
  • Request Rights – Need more rights? Right from the Rights Cloud clearance screen you can fire off a workflow email request to ask for additional asset rights based on the clearance criteria and results.
  • Smart Views – With Rights Cloud connections are clear. From an asset, you can see all of the contributors. From a talent, you can see all of their work. From an agreement, you can see all of the assets managed.
  • Source Project Tracking – Know the rights for an upcoming job but don’t have the assets yet? Associate jobs and projects to agreement rights – for example all assets coming from a photoshoot – to drive dynamic rights inheritance for content generated on a project.
  • Campaigns, Ads and Other Asset Groups – Group production elements and assets to organize content and check clearance across assets combinations.
  • Reports Interface – Leverage the new Reports Interface complete with search, contextual in-app reporting, and new reports including the Agreement Status Report, Expiring Agreements and Expiring Assets.
  • Content Tracking (add on feature) – Define brand, e-commerce, social and partner websites where your content may be published (eg – Amazon, Instagram, brand website). Find and track your published content across these sites.
  • Content Compliance (add on feature) – Matching the published content against assets within Rights Cloud, detect usage violations due to expirations and missing rights for the channel and/or territory.

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