Since 2003, FADEL has been an innovator of intellectual property rights and royalty management software for many of the biggest names in media, entertainment, publishing, high-tech and, most recently, advertising. Rights Cloud is the company’s first solution expressly designed for the brand and advertising community, envisioned as the most comprehensive and usable software platform for the unique rights management challenges facing the industry.

Rights Cloud is designed to seamlessly integrate into the most popular digital asset management and advertising platforms utilized at large to small sized agencies and brands, including Abode, OpenText, Box and Adstream. Brand managers gain instant access to talent profiles including their agent relationship, assignments, characteristics and associated assets as well as agreements, releases and usage terms. Creatives can quickly check the complete array of advertising production elements – from models, actors and photographers to music, images and ads themselves – against contract terms to clear rights in real-time, all within their firm’s existing content management platform.

“We are bringing all we have learned from our 14 years’ experience and innovation with rights management and technology to the advertising community with Rights Cloud,” says Tarek Fadel, FADEL’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer.

“Rights Cloud is a first of its kind offering, a simple and seamless solution to one of the most complex problems facing brands and the creative community,” continues Fadel. “It can be quickly and easily integrated into existing advertising business processes and systems to lower costs, maximize investment and speed to market and mitigate the many risks that can arise from misuse of the multitude of assets and elements within ads.”

Advertising campaigns rely on an expansive collection of digital assets to communicate the essence of the brand. Yet in an environment awash in content, a multitude of challenges can slow down a campaign and create risk for the business. Rights Cloud™ by FADEL is a simple and seamless solution that enables advertisers to:

  • Accelerate ad production and distribution with at-a-glance confirmation of which assets—print, digital, video and talent—can be used when, where and how.
  • Safeguard brands from noncompliant content use that can cost millions in penalties, campaign rework and negative PR.
  • Cut costs with increased efficiencies and the ability to assess all creative inventory for optimum content reuse.
  •  Galvanize brand equity with performance analytics that provide insight into content search and usage so you can amplify it across print, digital, broadcast and social channels.

FADEL will be demonstrating the capabilities of its Rights Cloud solution at the ANA Financial Management Conference in San Diego, May 23 – 26, at Booth 16, talking with industry executives about how production teams gain a powerful ad tech tool that significantly improves speed to market and maximizes investment while protecting the brand. FADEL will also be showcasing its new offering at DAM NYC 2017, May 11 – 12, 2017 in New York. For more info and videos showcasing Rights Cloud and its capabilities, visit


FADEL, innovator of rights and royalty management software, has worked with some of the biggest names in media, entertainment, publishing, high-tech and advertising. By automating talent and content rights management across videos, photos, ads, music, products and brands, and streamlining the processing of licensing royalties, FADEL’s cloud-based solutions have empowered businesses to significantly maximize revenues and increase process efficiencies. Founded in 2003, FADEL is headquartered in Rye, New York, and also operates offices in New York City, Los Angeles, London, and Lebanon. For more information, visit

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