The FADEL Gift Guide

The FADEL Gift Guide

What makes a gift unique? Often it is by adding a personalized touch that really shows how well you know someone – such as to include on it their favorite sports teams or Disney characters. But what goes into creating those types of products?

Most of our favorite products out on the market involve licensing in some way. Licensees and licensors work together to create goods that consumers, like ourselves, will love. From health and beauty products to clothes or toys, the process is more complex than it may seem. To create the products that we’ll want to snatch off the shelves, companies must first go through the phase in product development that secures the rights associated with whatever content they’re using.

It’s not as easy as printing Tom Brady’s face on a t-shirt to sell on the internet. Licensees must first work to buy the licensing rights for the content from the parent company (licensor). The terms of the rights contract determines when, how, and for how long a product may be sold. For example, Nintendo could license out the rights to Mario and Luigi for use only on sweatshirts within the United States for the months of June-September. Any other usage of the characters would infringe upon the contract and open the licensees to the risk of a lawsuit. Despite the trickiness and risks associated, we can find licensed products just about anywhere we look!

To get a deeper insight into the work behind licensing, read our newest blog post, The “Rights” Way to Content Creation.Although digital content creation, the underlying premise remains the same.

Here at FADEL, we’ve put a list of products we love that you can find on the market right now!

Disney’s streaming service has kept the Force alive within all of us with their series The Mandalorian. A fan favorite, Baby Yoda has been seen on almost anything imaginable- from water bottles and clothing to baked goods. Get a Baby Yoda stuffed plush at Build a Bear workshop you can customize with even more Star Wars gear.

This summer season, enjoy a Yankees game wearing a customizable t-shirt featuring your name and favorite number!

As smartphone users (as most people are nowadays), we know how tough it is to keep our phones protected from scratches, cracked screens, and shattered cameras. To keep phones safe, there are thousands of phone cases out on the market for people to choose from. With so many options, you’re bound to find one that not only protects your phone, but also enables you to show off your personality and interests. We love the Marvel collection offered at Otterbox, where you can choose from your favorite superheroes or villains (we won’t judge!).

For more information about how licensees or licensors can streamline the licensing process by automating rights and royalties, visit our website.