Webinar Series on Transforming Royalty Operations

Webinar Series on Transforming Royalty Operations

Throughout the four-part series, you will gain insight into modernizing royalty operations to meet the demands of publishing today. 

Managing subscription royalties

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  • Topic: Given the uniqueness of subscription sales, this webinar will focus on examining the challenges and best practices of managing subscription royalties covering points on the compensation model, managing usage, royalty accounting and royalty statements.


Rights bill of materials  

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  • Topic: When assembling content to create custom products you will need to consider how to compensate the multiple contributors for their varying portions. Learn best practices, potential pitfalls, and important information when creating a rights bill of materials and payout plan.


Global rights model

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  • Topic: A Global Rights Model can drive flexibility in the content creation process, increase speed-to-market, eliminate unnecessary costs and improve traceability. In this session, we will review the fundamental elements needed for a Global Rights Model and how it can help streamline compensation calculations.


Publisher to publisher: Rights mapping vs. taxonomy

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  • Topic: Panelists will examine strengths and weaknesses of alternative approaches to managing rights transactions between publishers.


About the Series
As the publishing and other content-rich industries transform to make their products available via newer business models – such as subscriptions, rentals, ad-driven, serialization and custom assembly – royalty management processes and systems need to also transform to support new digital compensation models and improve transparency to authors and rights holders. Traditional royalty management approaches, not designed for these new business models, will lack the critical capabilities necessary to properly manage compensation and rights. In order for publishers to quickly react to market demands, stay competitive, attract readers and authors, and reduce operational costs, it is essential to transform royalty operations alongside of the content and business transformation initiatives.