Why Digital Rights Management Software is the Future of Business

Why Digital Rights Management Software is the Future of Business

[Originally published September 4, 2020; Last updated December 27, 2021]

In the middle of the coronavirus health crisis, organizations worldwide still need to protect their brand. Businesses all over the world might need some speedy modifications in their marketing content, advertisements, product and service presentation as well as branding as the pandemic persists.

According to Smart Brief, plenty of marketers will have to think about rebranding so that they can reconnect with customers and continue building bridges with them as they contain the global crisis. If brands are left behind, key performance indicators will sink, and while there are available technologies such as digital rights management software, businesses also need a solid strategy to carry out their campaigns effectively.

But why is digital rights management important?

Generating, publishing and distributing content is fundamental to every business. But some of that content is licensed so you pay for the rights to use it; and most published content represents your brand and company so proper use is important to govern. That’s the core of digital rights management 101.

Enterprises need to be able to browse, organize and distribute content from digital libraries quickly and easily, but with complete visibility into the contractual terms of use such that they remain under organizational control. Without complete control over intellectual property, both licensed in and out, firms open themselves up to potential liabilities.

Businesses can easily safeguard and monitor their digital assets and successfully supervise asset usage with digital rights management (DRM) software.

We have identified the major reasons why DRM technology is the future of any venture on the list below. Read on to find out more.


1. It allows you to protect any content in your digital asset library


Acquiring digital rights management solutions is a groundbreaking and cost-effective way to highly secure, leverage and market files such as audio, video, PDF files, ePub for eBooks and photos to users across the globe. Providing you with complete information over the rights you possess across your digital content’s lifecycle, you can easily boost profit and determine how, when or where you can distribute your content.

Most digital rights management methods involve taking care of insider threats such as misuse of digital content, unwarranted activity surrounding digital assets, and rights mismanagement of your digital acquisitions. Your digital rights management software can assist you with this through functions that guarantee brand compliance prior to and right after publishing your content. You can get an instant confirmation of which assets can be utilized, including when, where and how you can use them.

Additionally, with your digital rights management software, you can

  • monitor how your assets are also being used across multiple channels
  • see rights expirations
  • present violations as well as trends that you can use when rehashing, arranging and extending your contracts and acquisitions

Your digital rights management software can also give you a warning about non-compliant content that can cost your brand millions in case you’re penalized. This function also allows you to dodge possible campaign reworks as well as negative press. Having this extra set of eyes is especially helpful post-distribution. Say, for example, your contractual agreement with a celebrity or model has come to the end of its term. All content with their image or likeness is now expired, yet you can still have billboards, posters, online ads, etc. still circulating and visible to the public. This could severely impact your brand, both financially and reputation-wise. With the proper DRM software, you’ll be able to get notifications before assets expire so that your firm can plan ahead.

2. It’s built to protect content and influential extent of brands and marketers


One of the primary sectors digital rights management solutions cater to include marketing and advertising. With features that safeguard the use of a brand’s digital assets, logos, product bundles, marketing content and advertising media, organizations can rest easy knowing that their platforms can look after their digital rights, monitor their content and guarantee their adherence to digital rights policies. Powerful digital rights management solutions allow users to obtain a straightforward confirmation of available assets, telling them which ones can be used according to time, place and function. This covers all brand assets, including audio, video, images and photos, taking into account talent agreements as well as other agreements. Content rehashing throughout an organization’s digital inventory is also a common benefit of using digital rights management software. This exists to make sure that enterprises are making the most out of their investments in digital assets, thereby reducing expenses and boosting productivity.

DRM and Compliance

Digital rights management solutions can also guarantee that brands will never use noncompliant content, which can cost them their campaign and their reputation and can also penalize them and hit their brand identity with negative feedback. The use of unabiding or infringed digital content can cause a company’s demise, and having a digital rights management system can easily dodge that.

Why is digital rights management important? You need it for compliance, and if that’s your primary concern, then you can rely on a software that takes care of it for you and even allows you to keep tabs on your content after generation by searching for published materials across relevant sites and validating the state of their compliance.

DRM in Action

Organizations worldwide, particularly in the EU, are starting to grow a culture of compliance alongside an increasing implementation of fortified protective measures for their data in order to gain advantage over their competitors, as per this press release.

Take a company logo for example. Every firm has at least one logo and uses it to brand all content affiliated with the firm. But what happens when firms update their logos, as is oftentimes the case? With some many different forms, pages, blogs, posts, etc. [oating around, it’s nearly impossible to track each use of the logo down to update it. With a robust DRM software, however, you can know when, where, and how each iteration is being used to easily update/remove old content. The last thing any major brand wants is old logos or content visible to the public as we all know how important it is to keep branding consistent and relevant.

A Robust Solution Offers Additional Support

Besides securing compliance, your platform can also

  • administer takedowns
  • trace expiring assets
  • determine violations of use
  • calculate trends regarding asset utilization.

These are just some of the features your digital rights management software can offer, and if you acquire one of your own, you’ll see why no business that conducts marketing campaigns can survive without it. In a digital age where everything can be found online, it’s important to properly care and monitor your intellectual property.


3. You can access digital content rights across the supply chain


Whether you’re working on your desktop or you’re more comfortable with handling your digital assets on mobile, you can effectively contribute to your team’s collaboration. The digital rights management methods applied by your software enables you to conduct a quick rights check anywhere and anytime across your supply chain, particularly in the solutions that you use for working with your organization’s departments. This is thanks to their API and integration functions.

Because of these features, your digital management software allows your team to counterbalance all elements necessary during planning, generation and distribution. This is particularly important because when collaborating, teams must be able to verify the rights. Should there be no rights on a particular element, a staff member must be able to win these rights via negotiation.


Your team members could maximize efficiency during planning by easily capturing all relevant data from contracts and agreements, taking out the unnecessary work of contacting and waiting for clearance from different departments and rifling through paperwork to find key pieces of information. This first step then creates an easier flow into the production phase. The creation team will have all of the tools and assets needed to seamlessly put together content.



Integrated Solutions

Some digital rights management software tools even go as far as connecting directly into creative tools using the CI HUB Plug-in. With this integration, creators can access digital rights information for their assets directly from within Adobe Creative Cloud tools, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Figma, and Sketch. Creators won’t even need to exit out of their tool to check the expiration dates or usage rights for an asset- they’ll be notified as they go to use it within the tool! Not only does this facilitate creativity by keeping the creator’s flow going within the tool, but it makes production efficient. With less guessing, teams are able to save time and money, especially by no longer having to fix campaigns for errors.

Incorporating digital rights management solutions of your own is necessary and favorable for companies whose processes involve distributing digital product information to both internal and external users. It will be extremely beneficial for the latter who cannot download the software being utilized on your side and will be highly advantageous for employees who prefer to work with shared files on their mobile devices.

If you’re looking for more solutions that can help your team adapt to work from home strategies and boost their collaboration even amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, check out these collaboration tools for remote teams from FinancesOnline.

4. All aspects of digital assets protection are maintained, so you don’t get left behind


Geared to effectively complement digital rights management methods, brands, enterprises, media outlets, firms and establishments that heavily depend on visual content can rest easy knowing that digital rights administration, compliance and copyright infringement are taken care of.

In a rapidly evolving world where technological advancements have made it easier for digital files to be disseminated, establishing every single element’s individual rights and guaranteeing user’s compliance can become challenging, making digital rights management solutions more vital for businesses who wish to keep up with the times.

The key to the future of any organization in any industry 

Protecting your digital assets and carrying on with your digital rights management methods have never been so easy. Once you register and acquire your own software, you can enjoy the benefits brought by this groundbreaking technology, especially when it comes to securing content protection and compliance.

With a robust digital rights management solution, your firm will gain a competitive edge by enabling your creative times to create campaigns safely and effectively, saving you time, money, and headaches caused by copyright infringement.