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  • Rights Information At Your Fingertips

    Rights Cloud by FADEL checks advertising production and distribution content rights real-time, giving you at-a-glance visibility into terms of use. From creative to delivery, get the “rights” answer, on demand.

  • Maximize Your Licensed Properties' Value

    With rights & royalty management, licensees gain the maximum return on licensed properties with deal management, accurate royalty calculations, royalty statement generation and performance analytics.

  • End-to-End Rights & Royalty Management

    FADEL IPM Suite provides end-to-end capabilities across the licensing lifecycle—from negotiation to payment—automating rights and royalty management across a single platform.

Showcasing Rights Cloud

From creative to delivery, Rights Cloud™ gives you the “rights” answer, on demand.

Advertisers can easily capture and manage agreements and rights for models, photographers and other rights holders – eliminating the dependency on business affairs and ensuring rights are no longer subject to interpretation. The solution checks advertising production and distribution content rights real-time, giving you at-a-glance visibility into terms of use from directly within your creative, distribution or asset/content management platform.

With Rights Cloud, production teams gain a powerful ad tech tool that significantly improves speed to market, maximizes investments and protects the brand.

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