“We chose FADEL to implement an innovative rights and royalties management solution that will help us link and analyze our intellectual property rights information and more efficiently manage our royalty processing.” – Executive Vice President and CFO, Marvel Entertainment, Inc.
Project Summary

Protecting a Major Brand

Empowering brand managers with talent contract management & asset rights clearance in the cloud
Case Study
“We can’t say enough about how FADEL IPM Suite has positively impacted our company over the years.” – GM of Digital Distribution at O’Reilly
Project Summary & Video

Beautiful Content for a Beauty Brand

L’Oréal selects Rights Cloud to speed production, reduce costs and ensure compliance for its ad content
Press Release

Driving Educational Innovation

FADEL replaces over 30 Rights & Royalty Management systems across 7 regions around the world
Case Study

Supporting Growth in Education

FADEL replaces current system to streamline license and royalty management workflows and accounting

A Refreshing View on Content Rights

Coca-Cola uses Rights Cloud as their single source to store rights information for over a quarter million assets, provide access to thousands of agencies, and automate more than 1500 clearance requests per week.

Putting "Fun" into Licensing

Support a growing licensing strategy for an entertainment leader with a platform to automate inbound and outbound licensing for games, toys, brands and characters

A Sophisticated Partner Model

With FADEL IPM Suite, F5 Networks was able to automate license compliance and royalty generation
Project Summary
“A sophisticated software like FADEL gives me peace of mind that our royalty calculations are accurate and documented.” Director of Accounting, Tervis®
Case Study

Making its Mark on Publishing History

Hachette Livre adopts IPM Suite to enhance the author experience and optimize operational processes

Delivering Innovative Content

Média-Participations is committed to bringing customers new, innovative content offerings

Global Media & Entertainment Company

Supporting A Global Powerhouse

The world’s largest media company adopts Rights & Royalty platform for better business controls
Project Summary

Take the Compliance Challenge

Pepsi made a splash with a new brand image for its 125-year anniversary, and along with it, signed on with Brand Vision - Rights Cloud to support rights management across their 32 different beverage brands.

Next Gen Entertainment Supported by Next Gen Tech

Anime video game maker BANDAI NAMCO automates the licensing of games & characters to gaming and CPG companies

At the Heart of Creation are the Authors

Editis selects IPM Suite to increase operational efficiency, maximize the ROI of content and strengthen relationships with authors and distribution partners
Project Summary

ABRAMS Makes Licensing an Art

ABRAMS makes the move to IPM Suite to automate author on-boarding, agreement, and payment processes, calculate payments based on sales, and manage recoupments against advances

Replacing Their Image Repository

"Industry leaders were insisting this couldn’t be done. That systems weren’t mature enough to handle the image volumes we needed to via the web, and that a multi-faceted hosted solution would come apart at the seams. Fortunately, we found a partner with the technology and flexibility we needed to succeed."- Executive VP CIO of AMI
Case Study

Repurposing Content

"PictureDesk has given us the ability to easily repurpose our content across our mags meaning savings on content creation and licesning" - Sr. Director, Publishing Services at Bauer
Case Study

Instant Access Across Lines of Communication

Conde Nast benefits from shareable lightboxes and instant contact sheets across internal communication streams.

Monitoring Marketing Content

Whirlpool utilizes Rights Cloud to manage content creation compliance by agencies for marketing and tracking marketing content that’s live.
“FADEL’s IPM software was a driving factor in our ERP platform selection. No one else offered a royalty system that could handle our expanding business and integrate seamlessly with Oracle.” - CFO, Chronicle Books
Project Summary

Fast-Moving Service for FMCG

FADEL tracks over 3,000 URLs for P&G, finding images and videos that require a takedown - ensuring compliance across their 65 brands.

Maximizing Internal Efficiency

PictureDesk enables file transfers directly to internal workflow servers, saving time and money.

Taking Publishing to the Cloud

The Economist unifies their workflows and streamlines asset storage using PictureDesk's cloud-based syndication tool.

Content Tracking and Retrieval Has Never Been So Easy

ESI Media selects PictureDesk Pages to reduce spend and gain instant access to their content by linking files to instantly find all assets from a single page or article

Fast Moving Content

The Financial Times utilizes PictureDesk as it offers unrivalled access to content from over 100 photo agencies and syndication libraries.

Organizing a Personal Database

Constructs and organizes published content into a fully searchable database with easy to use filters.

Fueling Entertainment & Syndication

As one of the largest global, diversified information, services, and media companies, Hearst relies on PictureDesk to manage assets that span over a century of innovation.

Find Magazine Pages From International Editions All in the One Place

Hello! uses PictureDesk to manage content across all titles using 'IDS Pages'.

Generating A More Efficient Content Feed

Immediate Media selects PictureDesk to aggregate content across it's system.

Find Content Fast and Timely, Ready for Live Broadcasts

PictureDesk enables ITVs production teams to stay up to speed with content.

Sourcing and Licensing Imagery for Multiple Titles in the One Space

News UK uses PictureDesk to source imagery for their titles, as well as syndicating their own imagery produced by photographers.

Repurposing Content Across All Brands at the Click of a Button

Reach unifies licensing content in the one space, in addition to licensing their Mirrorpix library via the platform.

News Moves Quickly, But Content Does Faster

The Telegraph recieves unrivalled access to content from over 100 photo agencies and syndication libraries, turning content into news stories faster.

Bringing Storage Efficiency to Publishing

Dennis Publishing efficiently uploads content to their private PictureDesk channel for easy storage and retrieval across all channels.

Tracking Images of Gifted Products

Gucci can track how and where celebrities, influencers, and brand ambassadors are wearing gifted products using PictureDesk's StarTracker feature to ensure their brand is being well represented.

Maximizing on PR Campaigns

JW Anderson's indiosyncratic designs have earned them a cult following. Using PictureDesk, they can trace photos of their fashion web-wide and license or buy out the rights for striking PR images.

Keeping Tabs on Brand Exposure

PictureDesk's live feed from over 100 photo agencies gives CARIUMA visibility into where their sustainable sneakers are being worn--and who is wearing them--all over the world.

Syndicating Publishing Content With Ease

DC Thomson selects PictureDesk Pages to organize, syndicate, and retrieve content.

A One-Two Punch of Creativity

Bradley and Montgomery (BaM) uses Brand Vision to manage talent and asset agreements so they can fulfill their promise to deliver magnetic campaigns, fast.

Optimizing The Publication Process

Are Media implemented PictureDesk to accelerate and streamline the use of digital images across their 20+ publications.

Taking Control of Risk Management

Sanofi's multiple agencies use Brand Vision - Rights Cloud to upload and tag assets while Sanofi maintains centralized visibility into contract terms and expirations.

Implementing Royalty Solution for Learning Division

Macmillan Learning uses IPM Suite Publishing Edition to manage author royalties for its higher education textbooks and library of teaching and learning resources.

Investing in a Super Future

Super7 adopted IPM Suite for royalty calculation and reporting accuracy as well as transparency with their licensors, positioning them for future growth

Automating Royalties with Ease. Ata-Boy!

“With over 100 licenses to manage, meeting the technical requirements for each can be daunting, especially regarding royalty reporting and forecasting. Additionally, keeping track of advances, particularly with multiple territories and specific periods, adds complexity. FADEL software for managing royalty submissions to licensors is comprehensive and user friendly.” - CFO and Licensing Director, Ata-Boy