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Get Back to the Business of Creativity

A royalty management platform designed to streamline royalty processing, improve licensing partnerships, and grow your business

Savings in Royalty

Reduction in Average
Royalty Processing Time

Reduction in Audit Efforts
…from months to days

“A sophisticated software like FADEL gives me peace of mind that our royalty calculations are accurate and documented. It will allow us to continue creatively bundling products without running the risk of damaging our partner relationships, paying costly penalties for misuse, or undergoing time-consuming audit tasks.”

Royalties. Calculated.

Goodbye spreadsheets. Hello time savings! LicenSee accurately calculates royalty payments, commissions, and accruals for the most complex of contract terms and payment rules including minimum guarantees, advances, and subscriptions.

Make a Statement.
Get Back to Licensing.

You ideate while we generate! With out-of-the-box royalty statement generation for Disney®, Hasbro®, Marvel®, and more, eliminate hours of painstaking statement creation unique to each licensor.

More Accurate. Less Audit.

Automated compliance checks and audit trails keep you out of the weeds and in the business. With LicenSee, successfully reduce audit efforts from months to days, reconcile with ease, and avoid penalties and then some!

Know Your Business.
Grow Your Business.

See your business perform. With real-time visibility into contract performance, obligations, and violations, licensees can confidently manage financials, and better negotiate renewals.


With its rich history servicing some of the world’s largest licensors, FADEL’s trusted, award-winning platform makes billions of calculations annually — covering 28% of all consumer products licensing royalties processed worldwide.

Harmonizing licensor and licensee royalty operations on a single platform, we deliver insights that lead to a more efficient, collaborative, and profitable partnership.

ROI Calculator

With LicenSee by FADEL, drive your costs down by 50% or more!

Up and running in

No integration, simply plug-and-play!

Boost Operations with our Secure, Cloud-Optimized, Feature-Rich Platform

  • Deal Management
  • Deal Templates
  • Contract Addendums & Revisions
  • Agent & Commission Deals
  • Deal Validation
  • Royalty Calculation
  • Complex Rule-based Payment Models
  • Template-Driven Statement Generation
  • Retroactive Calculations
  • SKUs with Adaptable Rights
  • Notifications
  • Compliance Checks
  • Out-of-the-box Statements for Disney, Marvel, Hasbro, Bandai Namco
  • Royalty Billing Review
  • Expense Allocation
  • Expense Accruals
  • Out-of-the-box Reporting
  • Audit Trail
  • Cloud-based
  • Multi-currency
  • Multi-language Support
  • SOC1/SOC2 compliance

Tervis Can “Sip Back and Relax” on its Next Licensor Audit


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