The Universal Content Aggregator

A single platform for media companies to find, store and monetize published articles and digital assets.

Access Live Content at Your Fingertips

Reuse and Syndicate Published Content

Optimize Content Search with AI

Bauer Media Group Saves More Than $1 Million Annually Using PictureDesk


Are Media Creates New Revenue Streams with PictureDesk


Content Syndication Portal

Repurpose and syndicate published articles

Enable your commercial teams to know what content is available for syndication. PictureDesk enables you to centralize all published and licensed content, manage multiple file formats, filter content by many categories, and search across the editorial text. Teams across the publishing lifecycle benefit from:

  • New content syndication opportunities
  • Savings from repurposed content
  • Reduced spend – easily find previously licensed images
E-Commerce Web Store

Maximize your content by creating a new sales channel

Unlock a new revenue stream by exposing editorial content and digital assets through an e-commerce web store designed for self-directed sales. Provide commercial and editorial licenses, packaging options, and payment processing in an easy-to-navigate online store directly from your website.

Content Service Platform

Aggregate all content onto a single platform

Optimized for speed and ease of use, offering efficient file ingestion and retrieval, as well as an intuitive user interface. PictureDesk features live feeds of ready-to-license content from all your media suppliers alongside owned, created, and commissioned content, and final published content and magazine spreads.

Live Feed for Photo Editors

Gain unrivaled access to a live feed of content from top photo agencies

A feed of live content streaming in from events all over the world, with thousands of new photos daily from fashion, entertainment, sports and political events; available in almost real time. Busy newsrooms can respond to consumers’ demand for up-to-the minute content in a world of rolling 24-hour news. Browse and search across 100 million licensable images, from over 100 photo agencies, directly in PictureDesk.

AI-Driven Visual Searches

Leverage market leading search capabilities

Pinpoint the content you want for your feature articles within seconds with powerful AI-driven visual searches across all of your content, using tools such as Visual Search and StarTracker™. Editors can

  • Find exact and similar matches in visual content based on patterns, colors, layouts
  • Search using whole images or image segment
  • Cluster search results by visual similarity
  • Intelligent visual searches reduce reliance on metadata
Intelligent Tools to Speed Research

Reduce repetitive, manual tasks
by 20%

PictureDesk’s intelligent tools enable editors and team members across all stages of the content lifecycle to efficiently capture value from owned, licensed, and prospective images. PictureDesk provides:

  • Lightboxes and auto-generated contact sheets that capture content across all photo agencies
  • StarTracker to monitor and notify for new celebrity content
  • Automatic billing mark-ups for invoicing and compliance

PictureDesk Platform Overview

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