FADEL Launches Digital Content Tracking for Premium Platforms

FADEL Launches Digital Content Tracking for Premium Platforms

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Support for TikTok, Amazon videos, and Google Vision will roll out at month-end

New York, NY – September 12, 2023 – FADEL®, innovator of brand compliance,  rights management, and royalty billing software, today announced powerful new functionality for Brand Vision – Content Tracking, its cloud-based solution that tracks and monitors compliance of published content across brand, e-commerce, social, and partner websites. Rolling out on September 30, the new release will support content tracking for images and videos on TikTok, added support for video tracking on Amazon, and web searches for assets across the internet using Google Vision. The new functionality will be showcased at DAM New York during the FADEL TechLab “Do You Know Where Your Assets are Hiding?” on Thursday, September 14.  

“Brand Vision allows brands to manage compliance and monitor marketing content and license terms across the entire content lifecycle, from pre-production to post-distribution,” explained Gregg Guest, FADEL’s VP of Product Management – Cloud Solutions. “Today, content is distributed across dozens of sites — for some brands even hundreds or thousands of websites and social channels, and it can still be out there months or even years later. Companies need a way to reliably monitor their content for expirations and compliance, or else they could damage relationships with their content contributors and face hefty fines.” 

Non-compliance triggers can range from expirations of talent agreements and digital assets to regional usage restrictions. Content tracking is also valuable in situations such as re-branding, time-sensitive campaigns, product recalls, and brand ambassador management. The power of easily finding digital content across multiple media channels both mitigates risk and boosts the efficiency of marketing teams, who would otherwise need to manually search for digital assets across channels. 

In July, FADEL launched video tracking capabilities for YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, adding to its existing abilities to track static images on those platforms as well as on corporate and third-party websites. As more and more media channels emerge, brands struggle to maintain control over their content. 

FADEL is continually developing support for content tracking on new premium channels. On FADEL’s content tracking roadmap are tailored crawlers for LinkedIn, as well as leading e-commerce and shopping sites. Brands interested in the unveiling of this innovative content tracking technology can save $100 on their DAM New York conference fee by using the code FADEL100 at registration. For a demo of Brand Vision – Content Tracking, attend the FADEL TechLab “Do You Know Where Your Assets are Hiding?” at DAM New York on September 14 at 1:50pm or schedule a 1:1 meeting at the show.

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