Join FADEL at DAM New York 2022: The Art & Practice of Managing Digital Media

Join FADEL at DAM New York 2022: The Art & Practice of Managing Digital Media

Title: DAM New York 2022

Date/Time: September 15 – 16, 2022

Where: New York Hilton Midtown

Booth #: 9

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FADEL is excited to sponsor and present at the DAM New York 2022 event, hosted in the New York Hilton Midtown in New York!  Visit FADEL at Booth #9 to learn more about Brand Compliance and DRM.

Ensure your content is consistent, compliant and on brand! FADEL delivers a powerful brand compliance and monitoring solution that protects and maximizes the use of your brand assets – combining content services with digital rights management and AI. 

Don’t miss these information-packed sessions featuring FADEL:

session presentationFADEL TechLab: Strategies for Brand Compliance: Using DRM, Content Services and Monitoring to Protect your Brand

Thursday from 2:20 pm – 2:50 pm

Your brand is everything. As marketers, brand managers, and DAM managers, we work hard to project the most compelling, up-to-date, and consistent image. But with content creation and distribution happening at top speed, how do you effectively manage, protect, and monitor your brand for maximum value? We will discuss how to use digital rights management, content services, and content monitoring as strategies for brand compliance. 

During the session we will walk through and demonstrate how to: 

  • Centralize brand assets making them easily sharable across all stakeholders
  • Use AI techniques to visually search across content
  • Gain at-a-glance visibility into asset usage rights during production
  • Find brand assets, logos and marketing content live across the web
  • Report on expired content, assets and agreements 
  • Monitor your brand presence and ambassadors across live photo feeds
  • Source from over 100 million ready-to-license celebrity and influencer images

With strategies like these in place, your team will be able to create and maintain a unified brand vision across all your marketing and advertising content while minimizing the risk of inconsistency and misuse.

Speaker: Gregg Guest, VP of Product Management, FADEL

session presentationPanel featuring FADEL: DAM Good Governance – Why have it and why is it so Important to Get Right

Thursday at 4:30 pm

Governance underpins your organization’s DAM and is the crucial process that holds your DAM together. Ignoring Governance is no longer an option and, what’s more, adherence to Governance regulations must be a priority as more and more organizations become truly data driven.

Getting Governance wrong is a costly mistake.

There is no escaping it: the full value of your data and content is vital, and Governance is the framework which ensures that program goals are met both during DAM implementation and in the future.

To be effective, Governance must:

  • Be considered as a holistic corporate objective
  • Establish policies, procedures, and training for the management of data across the organization
  • Reach all levels of the organization
  • Ensure that your metadata – business needs, user needs, and language change – must stay relevant

This session, moderated by John Horodyski, Managing Director, Insights and Analytics at Salt Flats, will be an informative and engaging discussion on the who, what, how and why of Governance focusing on key drivers including:

  • How to do Governance
  • Is there more than one Governance?
  • Communications, transparency, and accountability
  • Governance and DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) 
  • Challenges and success stories


John Horodyski, Executive Director, Insights and Analytics, Salt Flats


Jennifer Dawson, Digital Asset Database Administrator, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
Gregg Guest, VP of Product Management Cloud, FADEL
Elise Hahn, Senior Product Manager, Adobe Experience Manager Assets
Kyle McNamara, Content Operations Manager, The Hershey Company (Hershey’s)

To learn more about our brand compliance and content services platform, schedule a 1:1 session with our experts and visit FADEL at Booth #9. 


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