PictureDesk for Brands

Instantly find and source content of your brand, products and brand ambassadors from our picture hub with the power of AI

Monitor and Amplify your Brand Impact

Content Services Platform

Browse and search across 100 million licensable images in PictureDesk. With a live feed from over 100 photo agencies, content streams in daily from events all over the world. Brands are empowered to review brand exposure as well as licensing opportunities across photo/video feeds and influencer content.

Brands can track down images of their products gifted to celebrities, influencers, and brand ambassadors. Once worn, be on the lookout for content to share on social platforms, such as your designs on the red carpet. PictureDesk will connect you to the image supplier to license or buy out the rights to the image and maximize on your PR campaigns.


Set StarTrackers on brand ambassadors and celebrity spokespeople so that you can track and monitor their presence online, ensuring that your brand is well represented and that you’re up to date on the latest content.

Notifications are sent directly to your email inbox so you don’t miss a beat!

AI-Driven Visual Search

PictureDesk’s platform enables content consumers including brand managers and editors to monitor and amplify their brand with our AI-driven Visual Search – as well as face, object, logo recognition across images and videos. Using the platform, you’ll be able to track your content post-production and post-distribution, as well as track your digital fingerprint across the internet- an essential concept for content creators in today’s environment.

  • Find exact and similar matches in still and video content based on patterns, color, layout
  •  Search using whole images or image segment
  • Cluster search results by visual similarity
  • Reduce reliance on metadata
  • Enable auto-tagging of related search results
  • AI techniques for facial matching, logo detection and object detection
  • Search across images, PDFs, videos
Campaign Monitoring & Brand Analysis

Our advanced AI technology can be used to develop further brand analysis and campaign monitoring solutions that work specifically for your brand’s needs. The applications for our logo and object detection and face matching are endless and can offer brands exciting opportunities to analyze their marketing efforts and identify the most successful campaigns, delivering meaningful reporting of brand exposure.

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