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Devi is responsible for developing and executing a marketing and communications strategy to support FADEL’s business growth and enhance its brand awareness. She manages all marketing functions including market positioning, branding, communications, demand generation and strategic alliances. Devi brings over 20 years in the technology industry having run the marketing departments at software firms Prolifics, Capital Banking Solutions and Cedrus, as well as playing a strategic role on their executive teams to help drive company direction. While at Prolifics, a systems integrator specializing in IBM technology solutions, Devi played a major role in growing that relationship to become one of the largest and award-winning IBM business partners. At Capital Banking Solutions, Devi was responsible for global marketing, particularly in emerging markets across Africa, the Middle East and Latin America. Devi also held Product Management, Product Marketing and Sales Engineering roles and was a programmer and relational database specialist at the Philadelphia Electric Company. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Cornell University.

Delivering a “Rights-Approved” Healthy Message

Big Giants in the food industry, such as Kraft Heinz Co., Campbell Soup Co., J.M. Smucker Co., and Nestle, are under pressure in the US to react to a consumer shift towards buying healthier meals and snacks, as reported in … Continue reading

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The Rising Need for Rights Management for Advertisers

FADEL and Merck recently presented at the ANA Production Management Committee Meeting on the importance of talent and content rights management in the Advertising space and stressed on the rising needs of Rights Management for Advertisers. ANA members can visit … Continue reading

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6 Ways Advertisers Are Spilling Money with Manual Rights Management

As rights usage terms become more and more complex and the volume of licensed content grows, maintaining manual processes is becoming increasingly expensive for organizations. Competition is intense, and top advertisers are realizing that efficiencies in rights management can help … Continue reading

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4 Reasons Why Rights Management is a Must for Advertisers

As an advertiser, you are a steward of your brand. That entails a lot of things—promoting a positive brand image, not compromising brand equity—and definitely not putting a brand at risk for a lawsuit. The cautionary tales of the $8.9 … Continue reading

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Association of American Publishers Appeals to President Elect

With a spirit of optimism, the Association of American Publishers (AAP) penned a 5-page letter last month appealing to the president elect’s personal interests—and his ego—in order to garner his support for their priorities, namely protecting IP rights, defending the … Continue reading

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The FADEL 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday shopping is in full swing, so if you’re still looking for gifts, look no further than our FADEL staff picks (featuring many of our licensed faves)! We’re all big fans of the Force here at FADEL, so it’s no … Continue reading

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Top 5 Justifications for Automating Asset Rights Clearance

Creativity and innovation are fueled by today’s content-centric world. However organizations in almost every industry are facing content overload, struggling to figure out what they have, how they can use it and whether it’s profitable. Here are 5 justifications for … Continue reading

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5 Hidden Ways Licensors Lose Money

In the past decade, IP Commerce has become incredibly lucrative, yet at the same time it has reached a whole new level of complexity. Lack of visibility into contracts, reporting and analytics can mean licensors are losing money without even … Continue reading

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4 Ways Licensees Are Losing Money

When you make the investment to license intellectual property, the intention is naturally to monetize your investment to its fullest potential. However, because most licensees lack visibility into their contract terms and usage analytics, they are often hemorrhaging money that … Continue reading

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What’s New in Adobe Experience Manager Assets: Top 10 Hottest DAM Features

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) has integrated a number of tools to help clients increase their content velocity. This year, FADEL Asset Rights Clearance (ARC) was showcased at Adobe Summit in both the US and Europe as one of their Top … Continue reading

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