Chipotle’s $2.2 billion lawsuit: 5 ways you can avoid the risk of asset rights litigation

9 Jun

In January 2017, a California woman filed a lawsuit against Chipotle Mexican Grill, its founder and CEO Steve Ells, and photographer Steve Adams in the amount of $2,237,633,000 for unauthorized use of her image in their advertising. This article details five ways to avoid risk.

6 Ways Advertisers Are Spilling Money with Manual Rights Management

18 May

As rights usage terms become more and more complex and the volume of licensed content grows, maintaining manual processes is becoming increasingly expensive for organizations. These 6 factors are costing advertisers money—unnecessarily.

ROI Study: How Rights & Royalty Management Increases a Licensee’s Bottom Line

10 Apr

Licensing, Legal, Finance and Accounting teams are painfully aware of the time and effort it takes to manage license agreements and royalties using traditional, manual processes. This study outlines common challenges faced by a licensee, and opportunities to cut costs by 50% or more.

Rights Management & Digital Asset Management

3 Apr

What happens when Rights Management & DAM join forces? This summer, the FADEL Rights Cloud Connector for Extensis Portfolio will align DAM with Rights Management, allowing marketing teams and agencies to deliver rapid-fire campaigns and shielding them from the risk of using unapproved assets.

11 Avoidable Expenses Most Licensees Are Paying

23 Mar

Licensees pay substantial royalties for the rights to use licensed IP with the intention that these properties generate revenue and turn a profit. Yet for many licensees, these 11 avoidable expenses are eroding the return on their investments.

4 Reasons Why Rights Management is a Must for Advertisers

10 Feb

As an advertiser, you are a steward of your brand. That entails a lot of things—promoting a positive brand image, not compromising brand equity—and definitely not putting a brand at risk for a lawsuit. Here are 4 reasons why rights management is a must.

Association of American Publishers Appeals to President Elect

19 Jan

With a spirit of optimism, the Association of American Publishers penned a 5-page letter appealing to the president elect’s personal interests in order to garner his support for protecting IP rights, defending the freedom to read and publish, and promoting research, education, and literacy.

Turning Fear Into Trust – Can Rights Software Become Your Company’s Best Friend?

20 Dec

So you’ve come to the realization that managing rights and royalties using spreadsheets and patched-together customizations to your financial platform has become unworkable. You know that what you are doing is not scalable, but still, there is a fear of change. Let’s shift that fear to trust.

The FADEL 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

15 Dec

Holiday shopping is in full swing, so if you're still looking for gifts, look no further than our FADEL staff picks--featuring, of course, many of our licensed faves!

AT&T’s Pending Acquisition of Time Warner Shows How Relevant Content Is

28 Nov

Between 2010 and 2016, the number of smart phone users grew 331%. Now, with a saturated market and growth projected to slow to just 28% over the next five years, wireless providers are seeking other growth strategies and AT&T has found a brilliant solution: through the ownership of licensed content.