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Rights Cloud 2.0 by FADEL

Rights Cloud Content Tracking

Rights Check for Adobe Creative Cloud

FADEL Rights Cloud Connector for Adobe Experience Manager

FADEL Rights Cloud Connector for Aprimo DAM

FADEL Rights Cloud for MediaBeacon

FADEL Rights Cloud for OpenText Media Management

FADEL Rights Cloud Connector for Extensis Portfolio

FADEL Rights Cloud Integrator for Box

Adstream and FADEL Rights Cloud: Integrated Ad Platform

On-Demand Webcasts
On-Demand Webcast: Rights Management for Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Office 365
On-Demand Webcast with MediaBeacon: How to take Digital Rights Management to the Next Level
Manage Licensing Agreements and Royalty Processing for your Life Sciences Supply Chain Partners
On-Demand Webcast: Best Practices for Modernizing your Rights & Royalty System, a Publishing Industry Event
FADEL MarTech Session: How Adding Digital Rights Management to Your MarTech Stack Enables Speed and Ensures Brand Compliance
Adapt your Brand Assets to Maintain a Positive, Forward-Looking & Compliant Brand Image
Webinar Series on Transforming Royalty Operations
Webinar: Transforming Royalty Operations For A Rapidly Changing Publishing Industry
Your Assets Have Left the Building! Where Did They Go?
Solving the “Rights” Puzzle by Adding Digital Rights Management into your DAM
Digital rights matter – Protecting your brand and company – Featuring Kohler Communications
Brand Management: Is Your Brand Protected and Are Your Assets Cleared for Usage?
Avoid a Major Lawsuit with DAM & Asset Rights Clearance
Unlock Revenue Streams with Digital Asset Rights & Clearance Management
Managing and Clearing Rights for Brand Assets to Simplify Digital Marketing
Don’t Leave Money on the Table–Get the Most Out of Your Licensed Property

DMN One on One Podcast with Tarek Fadel: Advertisers & Content Ownership
Tarek Fadel sat down recently with DMN to discuss rights management and the challenges marketers face in navigating complex rights issues for their content. Listen to the interview here.

Interview on Rights Management with Tarek Fadel
Henrik de Gyor interviewed FADEL founder and CEO Tarek Fadel on the May 11, 2016 podcast on the subject of Rights  Management. Read the transcribed Question and Answer session on our blog, or listen to the 9-minute podcast at