Rights Information at your Fingertips

  • Speed Ad Production & Distribution

    Gain simple, at-a-glance confirmation of which assets—print, digital, video and talent—can be used when, where, and how.

  • Make Your Investments Count

    Cut costs with increased efficiencies and the ability to assess all creative inventory for optimum content reuse.

  • Protect Brand Equity

    Safeguard your brand from non-compliant content use that can cost millions in penalties, campaign rework, and negative PR.

See Rights Cloud in Action

From creative to delivery, Rights Cloud™ gives you the “rights” answer, on demand.

FADEL’s new Rights Cloud solution enables advertisers to easily capture and manage agreements and rights for models, photographers and other rights holders – eliminating the dependency on business affairs and ensuring rights are no longer subject to interpretation. By associating agreement rights with content, users can check digital asset rights real-time and in the cloud to ensure permissions are cleared for use against contract terms.

With Rights Cloud, creatives, brand managers and advertisers gain a powerful ad tech tool that significantly improves speed to market, maximizes investments and protects the brand.

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Designed for mid-sized organizations that work with a fair number of digital assets and have complex rights and distribution needs.
Up to 25 concurrent users
Configurable rights templates
25 custom fields per asset type
Up to 3TB of attachment storage
Reports & Dashboard
Web and phone support
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Ideal for large organizations working with a large number of assets with complex rights, distribution needs and systems integration.
Up to 50 concurrent users
Configurable rights templates
Unlimited custom fields / asset type
Unlimited attachment storage
Reports & Dashboard
Cloud analytics
Access to rich Web services API
Web and phone support
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Use the Rights Cloud interface or allow your users to do clearance checks directly from your DAM through a variety of connectors.
Cognizant assetSERV
StyleLabs ...and more
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Seamless Integration in the Cloud

Rights Cloud supports digital asset rights management as a standalone solution, or you can integrate with your DAM, MAM, CMS, or 3rd party rights management system. Several integrated solutions are available through the Partner Network. Explore your out-of-the-box options below.

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