FADEL Launches New Cloud Product for Digital Asset Rights Clearance

FADEL Launches New Cloud Product for Digital Asset Rights Clearance

FEB 2 EVENT WILL SHOWCASE how FADEL ARC automates rights clearance real time, in the cloud.

New York, NY – February 1, 2016 – FADEL, a leading provider of cloud-based intellectual property (IP) rights and royalty management software, launched their new asset rights clearance solution, FADEL ARC, today.  ARC automates rights clearance in real time, ensuring digital assets are properly checked and cleared against contract terms.

The proliferation of assets and the complexity of their usage rights slows production and leaves brands exposed to litigation risks. Agencies, internal brand managers, and content distributors can leverage ARC to shorten the timeline from concept to production and mitigate compliance risk. The product allows users to upload their digital asset details to the cloud; associate assets with even the most complex rights information; clear assets for use across projects, products and campaigns; and immediately gain access to business analytics on asset usage.

FADEL ARC is available as a standalone cloud solution or can be integrated with content and digital asset management (DAM) systems as well as federated search platforms. Market leaders including Adobe, Box, Cognizant, CyanGate and ADAM Software have already integrated ARC into their solutions to add value for their customers. The newest integration with Adobe will be showcased at the upcoming Adobe Summit 2016. Basic ARC functionality is available for free to registrants, with three service level upgrades for organizations that require extended scope and functionality.

Today’s ARC launch will be followed by a February 2 Live Broadcast Event tailored to brand managers and hosted by FADEL’s CEO Tarek Fadel and VP of Product Management Gregg Guest. During the one-hour session beginning at 11am EST, they will address the state of the market, discuss brand rights management and asset rights clearance strategies, and present a demo of FADEL ARC. Visit www.fadel.com/events to register.

“For nearly two years, FADEL has been working on a product that enables our clients to manage and track the use of their ever-growing library of digital assets,” said Tarek Fadel (@FadelTarek), Founder and CEO of FADEL. “The result, FADEL ARC, is a one-of-a-kind solution to a pressing need in the brand rights management space. We have proofed and honed ARC’s functionality through partnerships with leading digital asset management and content management solutions providers, including ADAM Software, Box, Cognizant and Adobe. Today, we are excited to release FADEL ARC to the public. Now companies of all sizes can use ARC to organize and distribute digital assets on a global level while checking and clearing usage rights in realtime, in the cloud.”

FADEL ARC is an addition to FADEL’s broader IP management portfolio, which enables organizations of any size to effectively manage contract rights, royalty payouts, licensing and digital asset rights with tailored solutions in the cloud. FADEL solutions allow businesses the control and visibility they need to monetize their brands and take them to the next level.


FADEL is a provider of cloud-based Intellectual Property Rights and Royalty Management software for Media, Entertainment, Publishing and High Tech. Built on a robust and adaptable architecture, FADEL IP Management software has been recognized for its end-to-end capabilities across the IP licensing lifecycle – from negotiation to payment. The trusted authority for the tracking and monetization of intellectual property usage, FADEL enables businesses to verify, capture and manage rights and royalties for their IP assets through its portfolio of software and expert services. Founded in 2003, FADEL is headquartered in Rye, New York, and also operates offices in New York City, Los Angeles, London, and Lebanon. For more information, visit www.fadel.com.